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How much do you remember from the first half of season 6 "The Walking Dead"? Take this quiz to find out and get caught up before the second half of the season starts in February!

What were Rick and Morgan doing when they discovered the walker herd?

Rick and Morgan go to bury some bodies and discover a vast herd of walkers in a ravine.


What does Deanna say to Gabriel about his perception of Rick's group?

In the opening on season 6, Deanna looks at Gabriel and says "You were wrong", referring to Gabriel's narrative on the character of Rick and his group.


What caused the walker herd to divert towards Alexandria?

At the end of the Season Premier the walker herd is drawn off the road by the sound of a blaring vehicle horn.


Which vehicle or vehicles were used to draw the herd down the road?

Daryl drove his motorcycle while Sasha and Abraham were in a car.


Who volunteered first to help with Rick's plan to lead the walker herd away?

When speaking to the people of Alexandria about the imminent threat of the nearby walker herd, Michonne was the first to offer her support.


During the battle with the Wolves in Alexandria, who does Carl let into his house?

After Carl lets Enid in, they sit together and guard the house from the Wolves.


Who becomes the new doctor in Alexandria?

Denise takes over the role of Doctor in Alexandria. When challenged, she rebuffs that she is as qualified to do it as anyone.


Where was Deanna during the battle in Alexandria?

During the battle, Deanna takes refuge in a truck She said that she would be a liability in a fight.


Where do Carol and Morgan differ in ideology?

Morgan believes that conflict can be resolved without killing. Carol takes the real world perspective of either kill or be killed.


Which character says this epic dialogue "Have you ever been covered in so much blood that you didn’t know if it was yours or walkers' or your friends'"?

Michonne says this to one of the Alexandrians claiming that they have lived in the outside world, and was doubting the expertise of Rick and his group.


David's farewell note to his wife is dropped at a fence where he dies when trying to flee from the walker herd. Which character picks it up?

In a later episode, Glenn finds David as a walker, along with the note on his way back to Alexandria.


During the expedition of redirecting the massive walker herd out of the ravine, in what type of store do Annie, Scott, Heath, and Michonne take shelter?

A pet store. Everyone needs a pet during a zombie apocalypse, right?


Why does Daryl leave Abraham and Sasha while leading the walker herd to a safe distance?

Daryl tells Abraham and Sasha that he is leaving to help defend Alexandria. Abraham and Sasha try to convince him to stay and carry out the plan but Daryl refuses and takes off on his motorcycle.


What word does Morgan write on trees and rocks after he has examined the vicinity?

Morgan writes the word "clear" in blood to recreate the King County bunker campground.


Who was Morgan's mentor that preached that all life is precious?

While Morgan was trespassing on Eastman's property, Eastman knocks out Morgan unconscious and imprisons him. During Morgan's time with Eastman, Eastman slowly conveys the message that all life is precious.


What weapon does Eastman teach Morgan to use?

Morgan learns to use the wooden staff to disable his enemy rather than kill, this revolves around the idea that "all life is precious"


Who was the man that killed Eastman's family?

Crighton Dallas Wilton was a convicted killer that Eastman was consulting. Eastman, being a forensic psychiatrist, worked with killers to try and understand what their motives were and how they can be suppressed. However, Crighton Dallas Wilton, being a psychopath, vowed to kill Eastman's family, and did so upon his release from prison.


Who does Deanna find drunk with a bin of stollen food?

Deanna finds her son, Spencer, drunk along with a bin of stolen food from the food reserves. She chastises him for stealing supplies after his speech to the people of Alexandria.


What does Aaron confess about regarding the Wolves?

With increasing frustration amongst the Alexandrians, Aaron confesses that he lost his backpack with pictures of Alexandria and that is how the Wolves found it.


After the attack by the Wolves, Rick reminds Jessie that they don't do what inside the walls?

Rick reminds Jessie that they don't bury killers inside the walls of Alexandria while she is digging a hole in the graveyard.


Aaron learns of Maggie's plan to scale the wall so she can search for Glenn. How does he help her?

Aaron shows her the sewage grate and tells her it leads under the wall. He then goes with her to help out.


What happens to Daryl, Sasha, and Abraham when they reach the set distance for the walker herd, mile marker 20?

They are ambushed by a gun wielding group in cars. They get separated and Daryl crashes his motorcycle.


After Daryl escapes from his captors, D, Honey, and Tina, what makes him return to them?

Daryl returns Tina’s insulin and forces D to hand over his gun and wooden figurine.


What does Sasha write on the office building door for Daryl to find them after being separated?

Sasha writes Dixon on the office building door. She believes the best way to find a tracker like Daryl is to let him find you.


Daryl gives D the standard group acceptance questions, what happens soon after he passes?

Daryl brings them to his bike, at this point D pulls his gun on Daryl. They take Daryl's two prize posessions, his motorcycle and crossbow. Maybe Rick's questionare isn't a good way to test if someone is good or bad.


After falling from a dumpster surrounded by walkers, which character's body does Glenn get pinned under?

Nicholas takes his own life and ends up pinning Glenn on the ground among all the walkers.


While Rick walks the wall perimeter, what does he notice about the wall?

He notices blood trickling through holes in the wall like a scene from a horror movie. Add the walkers moaning and you have might have to change your pants...


With Alexandria surrounded by walkers, how does Spencer try to get out?

Like a ninja, he uses a grappling hook and rope to try shimmying over to the watchtower but unlike a ninja he fails and almost gets devoured by the walker herd.


What does Maggie see to let her know Glenn is alive?

Glenn releases a bunch of green balloons in the distance and Maggie knows her husband is still alive.


How does the perimeter wall at Alexandria get breached?

At the end of episode 7, the watchtower that was hit by a truck, collapses and crushes a section of the perimeter wall.


Which character refuses to kill members of the Wolves?

Morgan's "all life is precious" view, keeps him from killing the living, even if that includes members of the Wolves.


After walkers pour into Alexandria from the wall breach, Rick orders everyone to ___?

In true Rick fashion, he orders everyone to run to their houses. He then opens fire on the walkers and Deanna gets injured.


Carl quickly forgives Ron for doing what?

Ron pulls a gun on Carl but knocks it out of his hands before he can use it. As the fight continues Ron swings a shovel at Carl but breaks a window which allows walkers in.


Which character is hiding a member of the Wolves in Alexandria?

Morgan thinks he can help one of the Wolves change while he has them locked up in one of the houses.


Before Deanna is about to turn into a walker, she chooses to do what with the revolver?

Deanna holds the revolver to her head but stops before pulling the trigger after she hears walkers in the hallway. She then opens the door and opens fire on the walkers.


How does the mid season finale end?

Standing on Jessie's front porch, Rick’s group looks out at the sea of walkers. Covered in walker blood and guts, they hold hands and make their way into the horde of walkers.


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