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You might be on the path to "Revenge," but before you do, make sure you test your knowledge of the show with this quiz. It might teach you a few things!

What famous novel is Revenge inspired by?

Revenge is inspired by Alexandre Dumas' 1844 novel 'The Count of Monte Cristo', which is about a man who was unlawfully imprisoned.


What is the name of the main protagonist of the show?

Revenge followed Emily Thorne as she went to seek revenge on those responsible for her father's imprisonment and death while incarcerated.


What was Emily Thorne's real name?

Before moving to the Hamptons, she takes on the alias of Emily Thorne although her birth name was Amanda Clarke.


Who is Emily's closest ally throughout the show?

A wealthy entrepreneur, Nolan, had a close relationship with Emily's father before he was imprisoned, and offers to help Emily on her journey of revenge.


Which of these characters doesn't appear in all 89 episodes of the show?

Emily Thorne, Victoria Grayson, Nolan Ross, and Jack Porter are the only characters in the series to appear in every episode.


How many children does Victoria have?

Although there is quite a gap between all of her children, Victoria has 3 children all featured in the series.


How many children did Victoria have with Conrad?

Don't be fooled. Although Charlotte has the Grayson last name, it is revealed that her father is actually David Clarke, not Conrad.


What is the name of Jack's bar?

After his father's death, Jack takes over the family bar, The Stowaway.


What was the name of Amanda's dog that Jack ultimately took care of when she left?

When Amanda was younger, she owned Sammy, but after she left after her father's imprisonment, Jack took ownership of Sammy.


What school does Daniel attend?

When the season begins, Daniel is a student at Harvard with hopes of taking over his father's business.


Which of these men trained under Takeda alongside Emily?

Aiden Mathis, who also trained alongside Takeda, had a previous relationship with Emily before she returned to the Hamptons.


What was the name of Margaux's magazine?

Margaux LeMarchal, who is trying open up her own magazine, Voulez, returns to the Hamptons to open up her headquarters and have Daniel be her business partner.


How does Emily's father, Daniel Clark, really die?

Although he is charged with murder at the end of the show, David Clarke is given compassionate release due to his terminal cancer.


Who attempts to kill Daniel in season 1?

Tyler, Daniel's roommate from Harvard, comes to the Hamptons with the hopes of working at Grayson Global. Once they compete for a position at Grayson Global, Tyler, who was previously obsessed with Daniel, tries to kill him.


Who does Tyler hope to frame for Daniel's death?

Tyler, who was obsessed with Daniel and even tried to sleep with him, tried to sabotage Daniel and Emily's relationship. Once he decides to kill Daniel, he plans to point the blame to Emily.


Who was Lydia Davis?

When Emily returns to the Hamptons, her first order of revenge is on Lydia Davis, who not only served as her father's secretary, but she was also having an affair with her best friend, Victoria's husband - Conrad.


Which of these women doesn't get pregnant during the series?

Although we see Emily fake her pregnancy when she is with Daniel, Margaux, Charlotte, and Amanda all became pregnant throughout the series. Amanda was the only one to give birth after Charlotte had a miscarriage and Margaux lost her child in a car accident.


In Season 2, who was Conrad trying to kill by sending them into Grayson Global?

When Victoria tells Conrad that Ashley and Jack have been planning revenge against the Grayson's, Conrad plans for Grayson Global to explode with Jack in it.


Who dies from inuries obtain from the explosion at Grayson Global?

Although Declan makes it out of the explosion alive, he needs to undergo heart surgery. The complications from his surgery lead to his death.


Who kills both Conrad and Victoria Grayson?

At the end of season 3, David Clarke kills Conrad Grayson. During Season 4, Victoria tries to turn David against Emily, but he eventually kills Victoria so that Emily doesn't have to.


Who was the author that knew that David Clarke was framed?

Treadwell, an author who knew that Clarke was innocent, was bribed by the Graysons to portray him as a sociopath in his novel.


What crime is David Clarke charged with?

David Clarke, who was a hedge fund executive, was framed by the Graysons and Grayson Global to take the fall for the crashing of flight 197.


What job does Jack get in Season 4?

In Season 4, he joins the Suffolk County Police Dept. but ultimately leaves before the end of the season and series.


Who does Jack kill trying to protect Emily?

When Kate Taylor and Emily were caught fighting in the middle of season 4, Taylor got the upper hand and after attempting to shoot Emily, Jack shoots her and kills her.


When Kate Taylor tries to shoot Emily, who does she end up shooting and killing?

When Kate tried to shoot Emily, she ultimately shot and killed Daniel, who moved to protect Emily.


Who shoots Emily after her and Daniel's wedding?

After Daniel finds out that Emily faked her pregnancy, he went into a drunken rage and shoots Emily, which causes her to fall into the sea where she is presumed dead.


What is the name of the terrorist organization that works with the Graysons and is responsible for the crashing of flight 197?

The Initiative was a terrorist organization that initially frames David Clarke. In Season 2, they go on to frame Nolan, but he is later able to help the FBI shut them down.


Who was Emily's friend at the beginning of the series that she eventually had to run out of the Hamptons, with the help of Victoria?

Although they start as friend, Ashley eventually becomes jealous of Emily and the relationship she forms with Daniel. After Conrad fired her, she tries to blackmail Emily into helping her stay in the Hamptons, but with Victoria's help, they make sure she never returns.


Who kills Emily's training partner, Aiden?

Although Daniel had a rocky relationship with Aiden because of their feelings for Emily, it was Victoria who ultimately killed Aiden b suffocating him with a pillow.


What is the name of the assassin that Margaux hires to kill Emily?

White Gold, was an assassin hired by Margaux to kill Emily. Although Margaux called off the hit, White Gold does kill Ben Hunter and tries to kill Nolan, who is able to stop her with a stun gun.


How did Amanda Clarke and Emily Thorne originally meet?

When the real Amanda's father is taken to prison, she winds up in a juvenile detention center where she meets the real Emily Thorne.


How does the real Emily Thorne die?

When Amanda and Jack go on their honeymoon, they wind up on a boat with Nate Ryan. After Amanda and Emily get into a fight with him, a stray bullet leads to a leak which causes an explosion. Emily is able to make it out but Amanda gets hurt and dies in the water.


What is the name of the woman in season 4 who is obsessed with Victoria?

Louise, who is obsessed with Victoria, tries to get pregnant with Daniel's child in Season 4, hoping this will get her closer to Victoria.


Who tells Jack that Emily is really Amanda Clarke?

When Jack plans to assassinate Conrad after Declan dies from injuries from the explosion, Emily thwarts his plans by revealing who she really is.


When Emily is critically shot and wounded in her heart, she has a dream that her heart was replaced by who?

After Emily was shot by Victoria and critically wounded, she had to receive a heart transplant. She later has a nightmare that Charlotte donated her mother's heart to Emily.


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