The Ultimate Pokémon Generation I SuperFan Quiz

By: Eric
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About This Quiz

Calling all true Pokemon Masters!

Do you know which Pokemon you can start your journey with? How about what region you're in? Who do you see to pick your starter?

Pokemon have been winning hearts worldwide since they were created. Ever since, people around the world have been working to become a true Pokemon champion. They have a passion for the games, anime, and card game that made them fall in love with the franchise.

To prove yourself as a master of the Kanto region, you'll need to know the games and the Pokemon in them. Do you the weight of Charizard? How about where you can battle Sabrina? Which Poke Ball do you only receive one of? If you're a real Pokemon master, these questions should be a breeze.

Can you name the 151 original Pokemon? How much do you know about them? There's a lot to know, as each Pokemon is unique in its own way. Make sure that you know your types and evolutions; these are important for Pokemon trainers to master.

Pokemon come in all shapes in sizes, so there is a lot to know about these creatures. So, if you think you're the very best, you'll have no trouble. Use tackle on this quiz and see if you have what it takes to become a Pokemon champion!

Box Art Lightning Round 1 of 4: Which Pokémon appears on the cover of Pokémon Red?

Box Art Lightning Round 2 of 4: Which Pokémon appears on the cover of Pokémon Blue?

Box Art Lightning Round 3 of 4: Which Pokémon appears on the cover of Pokémon Green?

Box Art Lightning Round 4 of 4: Which Pokémon appears on the cover of Pokémon Yellow?

Japan received four versions of the original Pokémon game on the Nintendo Game Boy. North America only got three. Which version never made it to North America as a Game Boy cartridge?

There are three fishing rods you can get over the course of the game. You generally get the Old Rod first, which can only be used to catch which Pokémon?

A significant factor overcoming the disappointing initial sales figures was a mythical 151st Pokémon that became the subject of much rumor and speculation until its existence was officially confirmed in April 1996. What is the name of this mysterious Pokémon?

In 2006, a contestant on American Idol attempted to nerd-charm his way past the judges by singing which Pokémon’s eponymous song?

After six long years of development, Pokémon (then called Pocket Monster) was released in Japan. At what position in Famitsu Magazine’s Top 30 sales chart did Pokémon debut?

In the opening scenes of Pokémon Red/Blue in North America the main character has which video game system in his room?

One character you meet in your travels is trapped in the body of a Pokémon. What is the name of this character?

There are many vehicles present in the game, some you can use and some you can’t. Which of the following does not appear in Pokémon Red/Blue?

There is a kid who famously (infamously?) really really likes shorts. So much so, he must tell you about them. What were his exact words?

In order to obtain the Bike Voucher what slightly unpleasant task must you do?

In Viridian there is a grumpy old man lying in the middle of the road blocking the way to Route 2 because he hasn’t had any coffee. In the Japanese version of the game, the old man is really lying down in the road because...

Guess The Weight Lightning Round 1 of 5: Go! Rattata!

Guess The Weight Lightning Round 2 of 5: Go! Snorlax!

Guess The Weight Lightning Round 3 of 5: Go! Mew!

Guess The Weight Lightning Round 4 of 5: Go! Ditto!

Guess The Weight Lightning Round 5 of 5: Go! Magikarp!

In the original Pokémon Red and Blue games released in the United States, three companies are listed as copyright holders. Which of these companies is NOT one of the original three.

The Pokémon franchise has grown into a multi-billion dollar global phenomenon, but it was created by a single person. Who is credited as the primary creator of the Pokémon universe?

Pokémon was designed to encourage trading creatures. This concept was taken a step further by publishing two versions of the game and requiring trading across versions to collect all the Pokémon. Whose idea was it to create two distinct versions of the game?

Pikachu’s reach and ubiquity around the world is nearly absolute. In fact, what small island nation actually put Pikachu on its currency?

The design of Alakazam sparked a legal dispute between Nintendo and what famous psychic?

In the Pewter City Gym you encounter a character who chides “You’re still _______ from facing BROCK!”

What is the name of the theme song for Pokémon Red/Blue?

Deep in the jungle of what real-world South American country was Mew said to have been found?

The Pewter Museum of Science in Pewter City holds a Space Shuttle on display. Which Space Shuttle was in the museum?

In official canon the North American version Pokémon Red/Blue featured a protagonist named Red. What is the Generation I name of the protagonist in the Japanese version?

Former United States National Security Agency (NSA) contractor Edward Snowden has a rather appropriate favorite Pokémon. Which is it?

On February 12th 2014 the video game streaming site Twitch began hosting a social experiment in which tens of thousands of viewers would simultaneously control a hosted version of Pokémon Red. The experiment came to be known as Twitch Plays Pokémon. How long did it take the crowd to beat the game?

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