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Test what you really know about Drakes life and career!

Where was Drake born?

Drake was born and raised in Toronto, Ontario.


What year was Drake born?

Drake Was born in 1986 in Toronto, Canada.


What is Drake's full name?

Aubrey is the first name his parents gave him.


What religion was he raised into?

Drake grew up Jewish because of his moms religious background.


What was his first famed role?

Canadian teen show, Degrassi: The Next Generation. He was cast in 2001.


What was his character's name on Degrassi?

He played a character named Jimmy, who was wheelchair bound.


When did he sign his first record deal?

Hit songs include, “Money To Blow,” and “Best I Ever Had.”


What did his father do?

His father, Dennis Graham, was a drummer for legendary rock star Jerry Lee Lewis.


What celebration did he have at 13?

He was raised Jewish because of his mom's religion.


Who was Drakes first agent?

His classmates father was an agent whom, after hearing drake audition, wanted to become his agent.


Before he achieved a record deal in 2009, he released a mixtape. What was the name?

“Room for improvement” was the name of his mixtape. He sold 6000 copies.


In 2008, what well renowned rapper called Drake to come to Houston?

Lil Wayne. He called Drake and asked him to come to Houston to join his tour.


Why do Drake and Chris Brown have conflict?

Rihanna dated Drake as well as Chris Brown, causing a conflict between the two.


What sport did Drake play when he was younger?

Young Aubrey is enrolled in hockey by mom. He assumes the position of right wing and plays for the Weston Red Wings.


Who gave him his main nickname “Drizzy”?

Lil wayne was confused at his email address, "" and thought Drizzy was his stage name.


What year was Drake let go from the television show, Degrassi?

They were doing another generation of students.


Who does Drake sign his record deal with in 2009?

He receives $2 million upfront when signing with Young Money records and Cash Money.


What Kentucky team is Drake a fan of?

After they win the NCAA. He gets a championship ring from them for his devotion.


In his music video, “Started from the bottom” what role does Drake play?

A shoppers drug mart employee, located in Binbrook, Ontario.


What local sports team hires Drake to be their Global Ambassador?

He becomes an icon for the team.


What was the title of his 3rd released mixtape?

Released 2009 – named by MTV as the hottest mixtape of 2009.


Which song can be found on Drakes album, “Thank Me Later”?

"Miss me" is a song on the album that features fellow supporting rapper, Lil Wayne.


Who is someone Drake credits as a huge musical influence?

He also really cared for the influence of Aliyah.


What event was fueled by an encounter between Chris Brown and Drake?

Several people were injured in the brawl.


Who is an ex of Drakes?

In 2008, Drake spoke about his past relationship with Keshia Chanté on the second verse of his song “Deceiving”


Can you finish the lyrics to this song? “Running through the six with my ____”

The song is titled "Running through the six"


One of Drake's business ventures is producing spirits. What type?

If all goes well, Drake's latest business venture, Virginia Black Whiskey, could be the new rap spirit of choice


What is the song that drake wrote for Alicia Keys?

He has won numerous awards for his songwriting abilities.


Who is the artist, whom was Drakes inspiration for the song he wrote, “Un-Thinkable”?

He told MTV in 2010 "I've always really, actually, really had a crush on her, always really loved her, and she's always just looked at me as, like, her little brother." (about Nikki)


His album, “Take Care,” popularized this phrase?

Yolo was the phrase in the song and the accompanied tour grossed over $42 million.


Which sports icon did he previously date?

Serena and Drake dated in 2015, in-between his time dating Rihanna.


His song, “Started From The Bottom” is about what?

"I just wanted to make it known that I did work really hard to get here and it wasn't just a fluke and it wasn't easy by any means," he explained to MTV News.


How many Seasons was Drake a part of Degrassi?

Drake was on the show for 8 seasons. They then fired him and re-invented the show with a new generation of students.


How old was Drake when his parents got divorced?

At 5 years old his parents got a divorce and then he moved with his mom to Forest Hill.


What is Drakes latest album called?

Released in 2016 the most current Drake album is "Views"


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