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The Ultimate Composting Quiz. Turn trash into cash, or at least into fertilizer that you can use in your garden. Help the environment by composting your organic waste. Take this quiz to see how much you know about composting.

How much trash do Americans create each year?

Each year, Americans create about 210 million tons of trash.


Where does all the garbage go?

About 57 percent of the garbage goes to municipal landfills.


What happens when organic material is composted?

The composting process breaks down organic material into usable and valuable finished compost or humus.


What is required for composting?

Soil is required for composting as a source of microorganisms.


Which is organic waste?

Newsprint is organic waste, because it is made from trees.


What does air add to the composting process?

Air is needed for composting as a source of oxygen.


During the composting process, what do the microorganisms from the soil do?

The microorganisms eat the organic waste and break it down.


What do microorganisms need to live?

They need water to live.


What will speed up the composting process?

Regular turning and watering of the composting material speeds up the process.


To aid decomposition, what should be done with large pieces of organic waste?

To aid decomposition, break up the large pieces of organic waste.


What living organism may be present in a compost heap?

Bacteria, fungi and lots more feed on the composting material.


Why would you want to position a compost pile downwind from your home?

The compost heap may stink.


Why should you consult you homeowners association before starting a composting project?

Your HOA may have specific guidelines for the location of a compost pile on your property.


Why may too much wind be bad for composting?

Too much wind may dry out the material or cause it to scatter.


What is a compost structure?

A compost structure may be anything from a heap of material to a concrete block structure.


What may result from composted meat or dairy products?

They may cause a foul odor, but may be composted.


What should not be composted?

Do not compost any type of human or animal waste.


Why are human and animal waste dangerous for composting?

These waste products may carry diseases or parasites.


Why are leftover charcoal ashes from the BBQ non-compostable?

The ashes may be toxic to the microorganisms necessary for composting.


How may temperature be used to decide when the composting is complete?

When the temperature of the composting material is below 100 degrees F (36 degrees C), it may be considered to be "done."


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