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You may think your cat likes you, but don't be too sure. Take this quiz to see how well you know what is going on with your cat.

You decide to take your cat for a drive in the car. What happens?

Cats don't like to ride in cars. Anyone who says their cats like it is lying. Always keep your cat in a pet friendly carrier when traveling in the car.


Your new significant other spends the night. In the morning, while getting dressed, they notice that their shirt is wet. What is it?

That's cat pee. And you know this because you shoved your nose right up in it to check. The cat was mad. This significant other has got to go.


You let your cat go outside. What happens?



Your cat licks everything, especially those reusable grocery bags that all the stores are encouraging you to use. Why?

Kitty licks his butt and then needs to clean his tongue off. He tries to lick you but you are smart and shoo him away. So he cleans it on the bag that you carry your food in.


You get your monthly water bill and notice that it is more than triple than the previous month. Why is this?

Your cat has discovered that if he stands on the toilet handle magic will happen! The water will spin round and round, and then the bowl will fill up again! It is your cat's new favorite hobby and flushing and re-flushing is how he keeps himself entertained during the day.


You are exhausted. You haven't slept well in weeks. You finally get into bed. What happens?

Every time you are on the verge of slipping into that deep, delicious sleep, that fur ball starts yowling as thought he is about to die at any second.


Your cat seems to be under the weather, is losing a ton of weight and is limping around letting out tiny whimpers. What do you do?

You take it to the vet. They run some blood tests, they do an imaging study, they keep him overnight so he can have an IV. You pay approximately $8,972,578,230 only for them to not be able to find anything wrong and for him to start acting like himself again two days later.


Your honey sends you a beautiful bouquet of flowers - just because! What happens?

Your cat chews on the leaves and flowers, pulling and tugging them out of the glass vase, causing the whole thing to topple, spill and land on the floor. The vase quite possibly shattered in the process. And your cat probably barfed.


Cats or dogs?

Cats. Duh.


You are trying to sleep. What is your cat doing?

There is no sleepy time when it is dark. Kitty thinks you should sleep during the day like he does.


Your cat is getting older. What does she do?

Somehow your kitty gets herself to the litter box, steps in it, scratches around some, then positions herself so that when she drops off the poo, it lands directly outside of the box on the floor. Thanks kitty.


You get a lovely new dining table. It is expensive, dark brown wood and looks amazing! What happens?

You decide to vacuum because your friends are coming over. The vacuum scares the cat who runs crazy, jumps onto the table and skids across it, leaving deep, scratches all along the surface.


Your cat comes home from a wild night out and smells like skunk. What do you do?

You risk life and limb and give that cat a bath. Tomato juice maybe? Or is it beer? That cat owes you big time.


You pick up some tasty new food for your cat. How does he react?

Imagine eating the same crunchy nuggets for every meal for every day. Sure, maybe occasionally you get a mouse or spider for variety, but usually it’s the same thing. When presented with something new, your cat is going to chow it down way too fast and then just barf it all back up.


You are out shopping and see the coolest new cat toy. You know your cat will love it, so you buy it even though it costs $25. What does she do with it?

Your cat does not care how much you paid for this crazy cat toy. If it is hers, she is going to put it where she wants. And today, she wants to put it in her water dish. You should be happy that she even acknowledges it.


It is the middle of the night and your cat is sleeping on the bed with you. You wake up because your hear the telltale signs of a hairball about to make an appearance. What do you do?

You shove that cat off mid-hurl. Don't worry, the cat will be fine. He will be so fine that he will manage to put that hairball in your shoe or directly in your path to the bathroom so you are sure to step in it.


You get a new couch! It is leather and beautiful! What happens?

Your cat hates it! How dare you get rid of the old couch and replace it with this monstrosity! So he pees on it. But you can't tell because the pee seeps between the cushions and you only catch a slight whiff of pee every once in a while.


You lay down to take a nap. Unfortunately, you die.What happens?

Your cat eats your face. She has always wanted to do it. Your face looks delicious.


After your cat eats your face, what does she do?

It was so delicious that she ate too quickly, and she immediately barfs it up. She then takes a relaxing nap in the sunny spot on the carpet. Once she awakens, she jumps out the window and runs away.


Your cat stands at the door and meows. What happens?

Nothing, but not quite. Your cat actually gets angry because no one is there to bend to its will, so he pees in your shoes.


Your cat walks in the room and sees that you are cuddling on the couch with your new significant other. What does your cat do?

You are your cat's favorite! He instantly gets jealous that some other being is taking your attention and shows his dissatisfaction.


You have one cat. What happens next?

The more the merrier! Who cares if you have a room that is really just one huge litter box!


Your cat bites you. What happens?

That cat licked its butt and then punctured your skin! You better go to the doctor and get that checked out!


You have some bi-fold closet doors. Your cat bangs on those doors non-stop. Why?

While your cat probably is musically inclined and chances are he wouldn't mind checking out what is in that closet, the real reason he is making such a racket is because he knows it annoys you.


You are asleep in your bed. What does your cat do?

Your cat loves you, so he brought you a present! He hopes you will post a photo of it on all of your social media channels. #mykittyisawesome #mycatlovesme #mycatisavicioushunter


Your cat's nails are so long they make a tapping noise on the floor when he walks. What do you do?

Wrap that kitty in a towel and pull one hand out at a time. This not only makes all the cat yelling less scary sounding, but keeps those nails you haven't gotten to from scratching you.


You look in your cat's litter box. What do you see?

Dogs love the kitty-rocca. Nothing looks more delicious than some cat poo.


Your cat is staring at you. What is he thinking about?

You may think that your sweet kitty's gentle gaze is one of love and admiration, but really all he is thinking about is when his next nap will start.


You just had surgery and are trying to rest. What does your cat do?

Cats love to clean wounds with their poo covered tongue! This is such an issue that the doctor will say in your post surgery care documents to make sure to keep the cat away!


Why doesn't your cat eat nachos?

Cats don't have thumbs. They have that sorta weird finger thing on the side of their hand, but that isn't a thumb. You can't eat nachos unless you are able to pick them up and you can't pick up nachos without thumbs.


You love your cat. Does he love you back?

Of course he does. He shows it by peeing on your stuff, keeping you awake, breaking and ruining everything you own and strategically placing his barf right where you will step on it.


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