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In a world of vigilantes, there is no single form of justice and the line between good and bad is blurry. Take this quiz and see how much you remember about these heroes and how they deal with crime!

Who is Batman?

Bruce Wayne's parents were killed in front of him when he was a child. This horrific event led him down a path where he would eventually become Batman.


Who is Superman?

Superman is an alien from the planet Krypton. His alien name is Kal-El, but his Earth parents decided to go with Clark Kent instead.


Where does Batman live?

Gotham City is a fictional city in the DC Universe with an active crime life. Batman has many foes in this city, including Bane, Poison Ivy, and his arch nemesis, the Joker.


Where does Superman live?

Clark Kent grew up in Smallville, which is just outside the city of Metropolis. This is where his adopted father was killed during a tornado, while Clark watched helplessly. Yeah, he has a bit of a depressing childhood.


What company does Lex Luther own?

Lex Luther is the perfect antagonist for Superman. Superman is selfless and heroic. Lex is egotistical and uncaring.


What is Lex trying to get his hands on?

Kryptonite is a material from the planet Krypton. It crashed on Earth along with Superman's spaceship.


Who is Bruce Wayne's Butler?

Alfred Pennyworth worked for Bruce Wayne's parents before they were murdered. After their deaths, he has served as a father figure and moral guide for Bruce Wayne and Batman.


Who is Lex Luther investigating?

Metahumans have abilities that normal humans don't have. These abilities include super speed, super strength, advanced intelligence and many more.


What is Batman's hideout called?

The Batcave is located under Wayne Manor. This location provides Batman with a place to analyze evidence during an investigation.


Who is Clark Kent's girlfriend?

Lois is kidnapped by a terrorist group located in Africa. Luckily, her love, Superman, shows up to save her. This shows just how much she means to him.


Who rules the world in Bruce Wayne's dream?

Bruce Wayne's dream takes place in the future where Lois Lane has died. Her death forever changed Superman, who is now administering his own form of justice. This isn't a version of Superman that we would want to mess with.


Who is Wonder Woman?

Wonder Woman is from the island, Themyscira, where she is a princess. Wonder Woman also has superhuman abilities, making her a metahuman.


What does Batman steal from Lex Luther?

After seeing Superman's full power, Batman begins to believe that the Kryptonian is too powerful. For that reason, he begins to seek out a way to bring Superman down. His search leads him to Lex Luther.


What does Batman turn the kryptonite into?

Superman's main weakness is kryptonite, the exact material that followed him to Earth. When Batman discovers this, he constructs weapons to counter Superman's unnatural abilities. After all, if Bruce Wayne's dream is any indication, someone will have to stop Superman.


Who does Congress have a hearing on?

The jury is still out on whether Superman is a danger to all of mankind. To discover his intentions, the Senate has a hearing which they ask Superman to attend.


Where does Clark Kent work?

Clark Kent works alongside Lois Lane at the Daily Planet. He uses this job to cover up his identity as Superman.


What does Senator Finch's cup say?

Senator Finch has a history with Lex Luther. However, despite their history, she rejects his request to import kryptonite from the Indian Ocean.


Who does Superman try to stop from fighting crime?

Superman starts to investigate Batman and concludes that Batman is too violent and sporadic. To keep the Caped Crusader from administering justice, Superman smashes the Batmobile and tells Batman to hang up his cape.


Who sets a bomb off during a congressional hearing?

Angry at the Senate for rejecting his import request, Lex sets a bomb off during Superman's congressional hearing. The bomb puts doubt into the minds of those who feared Superman before, as they believe he is responsible.


What is the first name of Bruce Wayne's mother?

Bruce Wayne's mother and father were killed by a mugger outside a theatre. Thomas Wayne, Bruce's father, says Martha with his last breath. It is quite tragic.


Who keeps Batman from killing Superman?

Thanks to a power suit and kryptonite weaponry, Batman is able to get the upper hand on Superman. However, before he can deliver the final blow, Lois sweeps in to defend her beloved Superman.


Who does Lex Luther kidnap?

Batman makes a promise to Superman that he will save his adopted mother, Martha Kent. Meanwhile, Superman must deal with Lex Luther.


Who's DNA does Lex Luther extract?

Lex Luther doesn't put all of his fate in Batman when he seeks out a way to kill Superman. Instead, he devises a back up plan that involves the DNA of another alien, General Zod, proving why Luther is one of the most cunning super villains.


Who killed Zod?

In Superman's previous movie, "Man of Steel," Superman was pitted against General Zod, a warrior from Krypton. After a long fight, Superman was forced to kill Zod, who refused to surrender to the Man of Steel.


What does Lex Luther make with Zod's DNA?

With DNA from Zod, Lex creates the ultimate killing machine, Doomsday. This monster has not only the power to kill Superman, but enough power to destroy the entire planet.


Who saves Martha Kent from Lex Luther?

After Lex has Martha kidnapped, she is taken to a warehouse and heavily guarded. But these men with guns aren't going to stop Batman from making an entrance.


Who helps Batman and Superman fight Doomsday?

Wonder Woman will have her own movie which is scheduled to release in 2017. The movie will show how she became Wonder Woman.


What can Doomsday absorb?

In the comic books, Doomsday was a planet destroyer before he came to Earth where he was pitted against Superman. But the movie went in a different direction, having Lex Luther create the monster instead.


How does the government try to kill Doomsday?

Since Doomsday can absorb energy, the creature absorbs the nuclear energy from the bomb. This gives Doomsday even more power, making the government's plan a failure.


What is Doomsday's weakness?

Since Doomsday was created from Zod's DNA, the creature has the same weakness as a Kryptonian. This puts the heroes in a frantic rush to find kryptonite.


What does Superman use to kill Doomsday?

Superman knows he is the only one who can get close enough to Doomsday to use the spear, so, despite his weakness to kryptonite, Superman launches himself at Doomsday. In that moment, he proves to everyone that he's a hero .


Which hero does Doomsday kill?

Superman is impaled by a spike sticking out of Doomsday's body. Though he is able to kill the monster, the Man of Steel succumbs to a tragic end.


Who first finds the kryptonite spear underwater?

Lois makes her way to where the fight between Superman and Batman occurred, knowing that the kryptonite spear will be there. However, she runs into a problem after she finds it, and she is stuck underwater with no way out. Luckily, Superman is able to save her.


What's in the envelope Martha Kent gives to Lois Lane?

At Clark Kent's funeral, Martha reveals that Clark intended to marry Lois. Poor Lois can't catch a break.


What does Bruce Wayne want to do with Metahumans?

Bruce Wayne tells Diana Prince that he's going to search for other humans with super abilities. This ending sets up the story for "The Justice League" movie which is scheduled to release in 2017.


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