The Ultimate All in the Family Know-It-All Quiz

By Jim Moore on February 16, 2018

About This Quiz

Do you know it all about "All in the Family"? Take this quiz to find out just how much you know.

"All in the Family" was a 1970s television show that was hailed as the first reality show - of course, not reality in the way that we see it on television today. What critics mean by reality in this case is that "All in the Family" was one of the first prime-time television shows to portray life as it really was. Tossing aside the rose-colored glasses common in television up until this point and exploring the down-and-dirty side of racism, sexism and bigotry, "All in the Family" explored issues such as cancer, religion, abortion, rape, homosexuality, infidelity, impotence and war. "All in the Family" wasn't into the standard TV show formula of the stay-at-home mom, working-class dad and kids who never tackled much more in life than a skinned knee. This groundbreaking show brought issues that affect everyone out of the shadows and into the minds and living rooms of the public. Now, that's reality.

So, if you loved Archie, Edith, Gloria and Meathead... uh, sorry, Michael... you might do well on this "All in the Family" quiz.

Let's get started.

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