The Salad You're About to Make Will Help Us Guess How Many Years You Have Until Your Death

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Building a salad is no easy task, since there are a wide variety of ingredients to choose from. But perhaps this is where the fun lies, especially since you get to decide what kinds of textures, flavors and seasonings you want to indulge in!

So what does a salad have to do with your longevity? Well, let's just say that some ingredients, like sugary salad dressings, are more likely to subtract years from your life. In fact, salads can easily be created into an unhealthy meal, so be careful with the types of toppings that you pick in this quiz! But for the most part, salads are a great way to incorporate more fruits and vegetables into your diet. While most salads are considered to be light meals, you can also create a hearty salad by filling it up with ingredients like eggs, avocados and chickpeas. In other words, don't be scared to eat a salad for dinner! We also encourage you to stretch your culinary imagination a bit by thinking about foreign types of salads, such as larb, Israeli salad, gado-gado and fiambre. If we're starting to make you hungry for more crunchy veggies and fruits, it's time for you to take our salad quiz now!

Before you build a salad, we need to know what type of base you're going to use!

Would you rather eat a sweet or a savory type of salad?

What kinds of crunchy toppings are you going to sprinkle on top of your salad?

Without dressing, a salad is just a bowl of boring veggies. What type of dressing are you going to mix your salad with?

Tomatoes add a nice burst of flavor to almost all types of salads. What kinds of tomatoes would you prefer to use?

You can't eat a salad without accompanying it with which of the following beverages?

Think about the size of your salad for a moment. Will it be as big as an island or smaller than a standard bowl?

Which of the following fast food chains would you drive to for an epic salad?

There are many different types of salads in this world, but which of these could you eat every day for the rest of your life?

Is olive oil a real type of salad dressing or does it actually deserve to be thrown away?

Not every type of ingredient belongs in a salad. Which of the following would you never put in one of your salads?

If you're not a fan of regular salads, you could try a pasta salad! Choose one of these pasta salads to indulge in.

Let's make your salad more hearty! Pick one of these proteins to add some meaty flavor to your salad.

If cheesy is your middle name, then you're probably a pro at sprinkling a certain type of cheese on top of your salad!

Don't get all nuts on us! That is, unless you prefer certain types of nuts mixed in with your salad.

If you were invited to a party or a large event, would you rather make a homemade salad or buy one from a store?

We know that you're secretly a big avocado fan, so tell us how many avocados you would dice up for your salad.

A fruit salad is a great way to indulge in many types of sweet flavors, but which of these fruits would you never want to add to a fruit salad?

You could eat a salad by itself, or you could pair it up with one of these side items for a hearty meal!

Not all salads are healthy. In fact, we've got a candy salad that is filled with gummy worms, chocolate and Skittles for you to try ...

You're at a restaurant when you only see two types of salads on the menu: a Thai salad and a Nordic salad. Which one are you going to choose?

Olives offer a soft bite and a salty flavor to many types of salads. Which of these olives will you add to your creation?

Should tuna salad be eaten on its own or does it taste better if it's spread on toast?

During an average week, how often do you typically indulge in a salad?

Is it better to make your own salad dressing or buy it from a store?

Let's talk about tofu for a moment. Do you think that this really belongs in a salad or does it only have a home in miso soup?

Everybody loves a hearty taco salad, right? What's the best part about a taco salad for you?

When you think about your favorite salad, does coleslaw come to mind or is it just an imposter disguised as a salad?

You don't have the ingredients to make a regular salad, but you are able to make an egg salad! How do you feel about this?

If you saw some potato salad at a dinner party, would you make a beeline for it or leave the party altogether?

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