The Quirky "Last Tango in Paris" Film Quiz

By Olivia Cantor on March 10, 2018

About This Quiz

Let's dance! Grab a partner and tango your way into this quiz! Follow the steps of these questions and we'll see how well you know the film "Last Tango in Paris."

"Last Tango in Paris" is an erotic drama that was released in 1972. A French-Italian collaboration, this film follows a newly widowed man who begins a sexual relationship with a young Parisian woman. Starring Marlon Brandon and Maria Schneider, the duo form a quick relationship that turns deadly. 

The film definitely made a mark in the movie community. While it was nominated for two Academy Awards (Best Actor in a Leading Role, Best Director), it was also banned in several countries and provinces for its explicit theme and scenes. "Last Tango in Paris" made its impression in the film world, but how much did it make a mark on you?

Can you remember when Paul and Jeanne meet? How did Paul's wife die? What kind of business did Paul own? Who breaks the "anonymous" agreement by sharing information about them self?

"Last Tango in Paris" was definitely a controversial film for its time and it still is today! This Franco-Italian movie was filled with drama, passion, and sex. How much of it do you remember?

Are you ready to dance away with this quiz or will it prove to be your last tango?

Let's find out!

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