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Let's dance! Grab a partner and tango your way into this quiz! Follow the steps of these questions and we'll see how well you know the film "Last Tango in Paris."

"Last Tango in Paris" is an erotic drama that was released in 1972. A French-Italian collaboration, this film follows a newly widowed man who begins a sexual relationship with a young Parisian woman. Starring Marlon Brandon and Maria Schneider, the duo form a quick relationship that turns deadly. 

The film definitely made a mark in the movie community. While it was nominated for two Academy Awards (Best Actor in a Leading Role, Best Director), it was also banned in several countries and provinces for its explicit theme and scenes. "Last Tango in Paris" made its impression in the film world, but how much did it make a mark on you?

Can you remember when Paul and Jeanne meet? How did Paul's wife die? What kind of business did Paul own? Who breaks the "anonymous" agreement by sharing information about them self?

"Last Tango in Paris" was definitely a controversial film for its time and it still is today! This Franco-Italian movie was filled with drama, passion, and sex. How much of it do you remember?

Are you ready to dance away with this quiz or will it prove to be your last tango?

Let's find out!

How do the main characters, Paul and Jeanne, meet?

Jeanne had gone out looking for an apartment that her fiancé and she could stay in once they were married. There she meets Paul, who is also checking out the apartment.


This story takes place in Paris. In which country is this cinematic city located?

"Last Tango in Paris" is set in Paris, France. The ambience of the city, which is also known as the City of Love.


If Paul is an American in Paris, what is he technically called?

Paul is an expat, or a foreigner who lives outside of their home country.


Jeanne is the Parisienne woman that Paul meets one day. What is technically Jeanne's status in France?

Jeanne is the French citizen whom American expat, Paul, meets. The Parisienne is a native of that city, too.


What was the first sex act -- the first tango of Paul and Jeanne?

After a few words, Paul suddenly engages Jeanne in somewhat brutal sex, with her pinned to the wall.


What makes the whole Paul-Jeanne affair unusual?

Paul was the one who made it a rule: no mentioning of names. This was not only about their own names, but about anyone else who could be mentioned if they talked about themselves.


What was the job of Jeanne's fiancé, Tom?

Tom was a documentary director. As the movie goes on, it's shown that he can be rather obsessive about his job.


If Jeanne and Paul had their affair thing going, what was Tom's hang-up?

Tom seems like a nice enough guy at first, but from the looks of it, he abuses Jeanne in a way that is different from how Paul did. Paul's later actions aside, it seems that the way Tom treated Jeanne may have been a factor for the “Last Tango in Paris."


Paul was harboring his own dark thing at the time, too. What happened to him?

It turns out that Paul's wife recently died. Grief would really drive someone up the alley -- which alley is questionable, though.


So how did Paul’s wife die?

Paul's wife committed suicide just a few days before that fateful apartment viewing. Even more disturbing, is that the movie timeline suggests it could have been the day before Paul went hunting for an apartment.


Prior to his wife dying, what was Paul and Rose's business?

Paul and Rose owned and ran a small hotel. They were definitely a middle-class couple, but by no means rich.


What became "sin central" in the movie?

It was Paul's idea to rent the apartment out as their love nest. That way, they could both escape into a small world of their own whenever it was time to have some fun.


Aside from no names, what was the other rule for the affair?

The affair had a schedule. They were to meet twice a week. It's a sign of control issues on Paul's part.


As we learn later on in the film, what did Rose do that probably sent Paul into his "Last Tango in Paris?"

We learn later that Paul's wife, Rose, had been having at least one affair. Paul was probably subconsciously trying to make sense of it by doing the same thing, even if for different reasons.


Let's stop dancing around: what was "Last Tango in Paris" really all about?

"Last Tango in Paris" is mostly about Paul trying to make sense of what's happening to his life. How he does it is questionable. As always, the problem is the consequences of his actions.


What is one thing that Jeanne gets annoyed with in Paul, early on?

As Jeanne starts talking about other things, she expects Paul to listen, or contribute to the conversation. She becomes mildly annoyed when he doesn't reciprocate, and then masturbates in place of sex as some sort of revenge.


In Paul's side of stories, who was the motel tenant, Marcel?

Marcel was Rose's lover. It's not known how long they had been having an affair, but it may have played into why she committed suicide.


What do you think: Did Paul know about Marcel and Rose's affair?

Paul, from the way he says it, was probably observing his wife's movements in the motel. It was easy for him to deduce most of the situation that was Marcel and Rose's affair.


In Jeanne's side of stories, what was taboo about Jeanne's first love?

Jeanne's first love — or crush — was one of her cousins. Her wanting to tell this to Tom was a sign of her wanting him to know more about her. Sadly, Tom missed the signal by a mile.


It's not usually done here, but how did they do Rose's wake?

Rose's body was laid on a bed in one of the motel's rooms. It's not clear if this was the conjugal bed, and the room of their own.


Why did Paul become so angry while talking with Rose's mother?

Paul goes ballistic in the scene where his mother-in-law and he talk about having a priest come over and do an absolution on Rose for her suicide. It showed that he and Rose probably had big issues to deal with while they were still together, plus there's a religion thing to boot.


What went over Tom's head during the visit to Jeanne's old house?

Jeanne was, at one point, talking about her first love, coincidentally named Paul, while remembering the spot where they used to meet in the backyard. Tom, sadly, was too involved in doing his documentary thing. If there was an argument for Tom being a jerk, intentional or not, this scene was a big clue.


What is the apartment, if you think about Jeanne and Paul's affair?

For Paul, especially, it's about shutting out the world outside the apartment. The apartment, in his mind, is a world in itself, a bubble where he can forget everything else that's happening in his life.


The infamous rape scene was made memorable due to the kind of lubricant Paul used on Jeanne. What was this lubricant?

Paul asked Jeanne to get the stick of butter. After some awkward minutes, it becomes obvious that Paul wanted to use the butter as lubricant while he violated Jeanne.


The Italian director ____ Bertolucci, known to have made artsy and important films, was suddenly thrown some shade because of the recent rape controversy in this film. What is his first name?

Bernardo Bertolucci is the director of "Last Tango in Paris." The story elements of the film were said to have come from his own sexual desires, which he put onto paper, as he is also a screenwriter.


What happened between Tom and Jeanne at the train station?

Tom and Jeanne had a very serious argument that ended in a near-fistfight between them, almost splitting them up. It was mostly about how frustrated Jeanne was with Tom and his weird detachment.


How did seeming rivals Marcel and Paul resolve their differences?

Paul went to Marcel's room, and after some half-hearted sniping at each other, they ended up talking about Rose. Paul realized, at this point, that there were many things he did not know about his own wife.


What surprised Jeanne when she entered the apartment some time later?

Jeanne, towards the end of the movie, goes to the apartment to find that everything is gone; it's as if the little world Paul and she had never existed. Of course, she took this as a sign that things were done.


How does the "no names" rule play at the very end of the film?

After she shoots Paul, we see Jeanne rehearsing to herself that she knows nothing about Paul, not even his name. Their little world really wasn't meant to survive in real life.


Which scene defines the title, "Last Tango in Paris?"

Towards the end, there is a scene where both of them are drinking in a dance hall, and it's obvious that the affair is really ending. In the background, there are people dancing the tango. Jeanne and Paul join them later on, in a sad way.


What rule does Paul break to try to turn the affair into a real relationship?

It goes to show how desperate Paul is at the end. He was willing to talk about himself, to have Jeanne come back into his life.


Who owned the gun that Jeanne used to shoot Paul?

Jeanne had kept her father's gun as a family heirloom. In the end, it saves her from the violence that Paul was threatening to unleash.


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