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Quantum Leap is an American TV show belonging to this specific genre.

The show is designed as a sci-fi anthology series by the creator.


The show is about Project Quantum Leap which has this unique sci-fi feature.

Project Quantum Leap involves transporting one person in various time frames in a move the creators called “leaps."


Since this is a science-based show, its lead character is naturally some kind of scientist. Which was it?

The characters often discussed quantum particle science stuff in relation to how things worked in the show.


Who is the lead character of Quantum Leap?

Sam was played by Scott Bakula.


The show ran from 1989-1993, but its “story present” is set in this timeframe.

The show’s futuristic setting, the basis from where Sam leaps in time, is set sometime in the late 1990s.


Strictly speaking, majority of the time traveling done by Dr. Sam is within this era.

The show’s initial rule is, Sam can only travel back in time during his lifetime, hence only in the past time he was alive.


All of this time traveling started when Dr. Sam tested their project himself and stepped into this machine.

This fact is featured at the summarized introduction before the show's opening credits.


During his time travel leaps, Sam is “accompanied” by this person who works in the project, too.

Al was played by Dean Stockwell.


Although it’s only Sam who technically leaps, Al accompanies him in this form.

Al is able to communicate with Sam during his leaps, but Al can’t have physical contact with the world where Sam leaps into.


When Sam leaps into a person’s life in the past, can people see him as himself?

People in the past doesn’t see Sam as Sam, but the person whose life he temporarily took over.


Technically, only Sam can see Al’s holograms, but there were exceptions. What were they?

There were episodes that banked on animals, children, or persons in mental institutions seeing Al, eliciting dramatic or comedic situations.


Al is actually a high-ranking military officer. What is his position?

Al is a project observer tasked to give Sam the information he needs in each and every leap.


What is the device Al uses to access the information he needs and to communicate with the Project Quantum Leap team in the “present future?"

The handlink looks like a colorful transparent mobile remote control by today’s standards.


Sam needs Al’s information guidance because this happened to him when he first did his leap.

Al calls Sam’s state his “Swiss cheese memory” since Sam seems to have holes in recalling specific data in his life.


What is the name of the artificial intelligence-run computer that assists Sam and Al in their missions?

Ziggy has a female personality with a huge ego.


Dr. Sam sometimes jokes, albeit sarcastically, that he regrets giving Ziggy the ego of this known celebrity diva.

Ziggy’s diva ego sometimes challenges Sam and Al’s workings.


Whenever Sam leaps into a new situation and finds himself in the middle of a tricky spot, he always says this.

Sam’s “Oh boy!” always closes each episode to connect with the next one.


Sam once leaped in a life where he encountered this future singer singing “piggy sue."

Buddy Holly was a popular singer in the mid-1950s who died in a plane crash.


Sam also leaped into this life where he encountered this other future pop music icon, still a boy then, in a public restroom.

Sam encountered Michael when he was just a child singer who’s part of the Jackson 5 family of singers popular during the late 1960s.


In their chance encounter, Sam inadvertently taught the young Michael Jackson this dance move.

The Moonwalk became Michael Jackson’s signature dance move only when he was already a solo artist and a grown-up.


What is the main mission of each leap?

Each episode finds Sam figuring out what went wrong in the person’s life he took over temporarily, and he has to solve it in order to leap out of it.


In each leap, it is hoped that Sam will leap back here.

While the aim of the leap is for Sam to come back “home" to the future, each episode still leaves him leaping in the past.


Whenever Sam leaps, he seems to be engulfed in this light effect of this particular color.

The blue light also signifies that Sam was able to fulfill the good deed for that life leap.


Al always holds this other prop in his hand, aside from the handlink.

Al’s cigar-holding persona contributes to his womanizer image.


When Sam once leaped into a radio DJ’s life, he met this rising pop icon trying to get some airtime for his soon-to-be-popular song.

Again, Sam inadvertently “teaches” Chubby his signature dance move of the twist.


Sam also leaped into the past and took over this future music superstar’s life before he became rock-and-roll famous.

In that episode, Sam leaped into Elvis prior to him recording his first song.


In a funny episode, Sam once leaped into the life of this famous sex therapist who became a cultural icon during the 1980s.

Dr. Ruth Westheimer is still is one of the popular pioneers of talking frankly about sex facts on mainstream American media.


An infamous person whom Sam leaped into was this known killer in American history.

Sam as Lee wasn’t able to spare the life of JFK, but he spared the life of Jacqueline Kennedy in their alternate storyline.


Sam once made a leap into a patient inside a mental institution where Al could be seen by the other inmates. What did Al perform for them?

Prior to being called hiphop, it was known as rap music and was a hit during the 1980s and 1990s, during the height of the show.


In one episode, Sam leaped into the life of this non-human entity.

The chimp in this episode is in a research lab and is being prepped for space travel.


This future Friends star guested in an episode when Sam leaped into the life of an amputated war veteran.

Jennifer played a volunteer in the hospital where Sam’s character was confined.


In one of his leaps, Sam tackled this pressing social issue when he met a gay cadet in a naval college.

Sam was supposed to prevent gay bashing in that college.


When Sam leaped into the life of a New York City cab driver, he encountered a child version of this soon-to-be tycoon.

In the episode, Sam again inadvertently suggests a future thought that would inspire the young Trump to build Trump Towers.


Sam also leaped into this chauffeur who drives for this iconic sexy female movie celebrity popular during the 1950s.

Due to Sam’s presence, the actress’ imminent death was prolonged by a couple of years.


Could Sam leap into the life of a female?

Sam has leaped into women’s lives numerous times, tackling social issues connected to women such as rape, abortion, domestic violence, and pregnancy.


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