The Older You Are, the Worse You'll Do on This Quiz

By Heather Cahill on April 26, 2018

About This Quiz

The young generations of today have a lifestyle like no other generation before them. With the rise of technology came more ways to share, connect and learn. There are plenty of new words, jokes and pop cultureĀ that most generations before Millennials won't understand. Get ready to find out if you're an honorary Millennial!

Do you know the casts of some of the most popular television shows at the moment? Can you name every celebrity in Ellen DeGeneres' famous Oscar Selfie? Do you know what you would be streaming if you used Spotify? How about which genre of video game is one of the most popular in the world? Many industries have thrived and created worldwide phenomenon. Make sure you know what they are!

Do you know which popular app allowed you to record six-second comedy videos? Do you know the meaning of the term "ghosting?" Do you know which celebrity became a judge on "The X Factor" in 2012? Can you name some of the internet challenges that took over the world? You'll even be tested on memes, lingo and more on this quiz!

If you've kept up with times, this will be a piece of cake for you. Make sure you brush up on the most popular and important areas of pop culture and more. Take the quiz to see what you can score!

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