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35 things only Murray the Cop should know.

The Odd Couple was based on a play by which American playwright?

The Odd Couple, a play by Neil Simon, opened at New York's Plymouth Theatre in 1965.


On what date was Felix Unger asked to remove himself from his place of residence?

The opening narration says, "On November 13th, Felix Unger was asked to remove himself from his place of residence."


What was the name of Felix's band?

In Season 4, Episode 19 we meet Felix's old-time songs group, The Sophisticados.


Name Felix’s ex-wife.

We first met Felix's ex-wife, Gloria, in Season 2.


What musical instrument did Murray the Cop play?

In Season 4, Episode 19 we see Murray playing ukulele with Felix's group, The Sophisticados.


Which star of Hee Haw played a guest role on The Odd Couple?

In Season 5, Episode 19, Roy Clark appears as an old Army buddy of Oscar's.


Which famous game show host was a friend of Oscar’s?

We find out in Season 3, Episode 20, that Monty Hall is a college friend of Oscar's.


Name Oscar’s ex-wife.

Yep, Oscar's ex was named Blanche (played by Jack Klugman;s real-life wife)!


What are the Pigeon sister’s first names?

We met Gwendolyn and Cecily Pigeon in the very first episode of The Odd Couple.


Name the actress who played Felix’s girlfriend, Miriam.

Miriam was played by Elinor Donahue, who played Betty Anderson on Father Knows Best with Robert Young.


What fictional Broadway show was Felix accused of scalping tickets for?

Kiss My Face was the show. Remember Miriam singing, "Kiss my nose! Kiss my toes!"


Name the racing dog Oscar won in a card game.

Felix even sang to the dog, "When your love wears golden earrings."


What comedian played ad agency guy, Rudy?

Albert Brooks—Aaron Altman in the film Broadcast News—played Rudy, the self-important ad agency guy Felix did photo shoots for.


Name the play in which a girlfriend of Felix’s appeared without clothes.

In Season 1, Episode 23, Felix's new librarian girlfriend turns out to be an actress in a nude play called, "Bathtub."


Which future Laverne & Shirley cast member played Oscar’s secretary, Myrna?

Not that it had anything to do with it but Garry Marshall (one of the show's executive producers) is Penny's brother.


What famous dancer appeared in a children's ballet performance for Felix?

Edward Villella made an appearance in a children's ballet that Felix ill-advisedly started before he got there (Season 4, Episode 2).


Which famous tennis loudmouth won Felix from Oscar on a bet?

Bobby Riggs appeared as himself in Season 4, Episode 10, "The Pig Who Came to Dinner."


What did The Sophisticados change their name to for Country music?

The Sophisticados appear as Felix “Red River” Unger and his Saddle Sores in Season 5, Episode 6, as a favor for Oscar.


Who was Felix sweet on in high school ?

In "Old Flames Never Die" (Season 5, Episode 20) Mildred Fleener becomes a grandmother and makes Felix feel old.


In what years was The Odd Couple on TV?

The first episode of The Odd People aired on September 24, 1970. The last episode aired on March 7, 1975.


Who played Oscar's ex-wife, Blanche?

Blanche was played by Brett Somers, familiar Match Game panelist and real-life wife of Jack Klugman.


Who wrote The Odd Couple's theme music?

The Odd Couple's famous theme was written by none other than the writer of Batman's TV theme—Neal Hefti.


What newspaper did Oscar Madison write for?

Oscar wrote a sports column for the fictional New York Herald.


What Shakespeare play does Felix quote while searching for a little girl in the woods?

Felix and a lost little girl use Juliet's "Wherefore art thou, Romeo" speech to find each other in Season 1, Episode 18.


Which Get Smart cast member played Oscar's boss at the New York Herald?

Edward Platt, the Chief from Get Smart, appeared as Oscar Madison's boss, Bill Connelly (Season 1, Episode 21).


Name the song Felix and Oscar wrote?

"Happy and Peppy and Bursting with Love" was performed by Jaye P. Morgan in Season 4, Episode 8.


What “unwritten commandment” did Felix break while he and Oscar were on retreat?

After turning Oscar in for gambling on retreat ("The Odd Monks," Season 3, Episode 5) Felix learns an unwritten commandment about finking.


What finally cures Felix’s insomnia?

Felix's insomnia is traced to having given away his ticking analog watch in Season 4, episode 20, "The Insomniacs."


What Bonanza star played a friend, and creditor, of Oscar's?

Pernell even sang, "Cocktails for Two" in the episode "Strike Up the Band or Else" (Season 5, Episode 6).


Felix’s daughter followed singer and songwriter Paul Williams to what town?

To quote Paul Williams—from Season 5, Episode 9—"Nobody comes to Albany."


When Oscar tried computer dating, whom did he get set up with?

As you would expect in Televisionland, it was Gloria, Felix's ex-wife (Season 3, Episode 1).


Oscar had a girlfriend who was sometimes mentioned but never seen. Can you name her?

Crazy Rhoda Zimmerman was a never-seen, good-time-girl of Oscar's acquaintance.


What opera singer played a shy operatic “natural” with a huge crush on Oscar?

Marilyn Horne played a shy lady who played a sultry Carmen in "Vocal Girl Makes Good" (Season 4, Episode 17).


What correct Password response did Oscar get from Felix with the clue, “Aristophanes?”

In Season 3, Episode 11, Oscar angrily clues Felix with "Aristophanes!" having earlier said, "Aristophanes is ridiculous!"


What is the last line of the last episode of The Odd Couple?

After dumping a trash can onto the floor as a salute to Oscar, Felix returns to clean up the mess after Oscar, who promised to, doesn't do it.


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