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By: Stephanie Clarke
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See if you're a true Love Boat fan! Climb aboard the Pacific Princess and order a drink from Isaac while you ponder one of the most star-filled shows in TV history!

In an odd case of "boat-home-schooling" Captain Stubing's daughter lived on the cruise ship. What was her name?

Vicki had an odd childhood being boat home schooled! She could be an annoying character, too.

The captain of the Love Boat was Captain Stubing, but what was his first name?

Merrill was played by actor Gavin MacLeod. He had the easiest job in boating history.

Burl Smith was on "The Love Boat," played by Fred Grandy. What did everyone call him?

He was always called Gopher!

Who played the bartender on "The Love Boat"?

Ted Lange played the smoothest bartender in the '80s.

What actress was the character Julie McCoy; she was the cruise director on the ship on "The Love Boat".

She filmed Eyes of a Stranger in 1981.

How was Vickie related to Captain Stubing?

Vicki was played by actress Jill Whelan.

What character was portrayed by Bernie Kopell?

He was the cruise’s doctor!

Ted McGinley played Ace Covington Evans on the show. What job did he have on the ship?

Ted McGinley acted on the Love boat from 1984-1986.

Which TV station did "The Love Boat" air on originally?

.ABC was the network for this show for a decade!

From 1998 to 1999, a series based on the original "The Love Boat" was aired on the station UPN. What was its name?

It only aired for one year … must not have been that great!

In what decades did "The Love Boat" originally air on television?

This show ran from 1977 through 1986.

In the first episode, a crew member’s ex-wife also sails on the Pacific Princess. What crew member’s ex-wife is on the ship during this episode?

He finds out his ex-wife was recently married to one of the chief execs of the cruise company.

What year did The Love boat first hit the airwaves?

The show first aired on September 24, 1977!

Season 2 starts with one of the crew members trying out the cruise as a passenger. Who is this character?

Isaac is the bartender who is on holiday and decides to be a passenger on the cruise.

Who suggests that Captain Stubing try and loosen up the IRS agent?

Julie McCoy is the cruise director. Her suggestion wound up causing some chaos.

In episode 10, a scientist convinces one of the crew members a female is an alien. Who does he convince?

Fred Grandy played Burl Smith, “Gopher,” throughout the series.

Who plays Adam Bricker, the newlywed doctor in season 5?

Adam was just married and insisted on introducing his wife to his coworkers.

In season 6, who gets romantically involved with a drug addict?

In a rare dark storyline, Vicki falls for a drug addict.

Near which coast does season 7 take place?

The ship also visits Hong Kong!

In season 8, who took over as cruise director?

Judy was Julie McCoy’s sister, who was the original cruise director.

Who played the role of Marty Elder from season 9?

He played Cliff Clavin in Cheers.

What was Captain Stubing’s first name?

Gavin MacLeod played the captain and also starred in the Mary Tyler Moore Show.

What was the name of the 8 dancers?

They were added to the show in 1985.

Which “Desperate Housewives” actress played in the Love Boat?

Teri Hatcher played a Love Boat Mermaid!

What was the name of the cruise ship?

The Love Boat luxury cruise was set on the Pacific Princess.

What year did The Love Boat series end?

The last cruise was on September 5, 1986.

Vincent Prince guest starred. What was his profession?

He also played in House of Wax.

Which famous actor of these starred on The Love Boat?

He played the role of Rick Martin, a passenger who kept flirting with Julie McCoy.

Which actress played Isaac’s aunt?

She played “Weezy” Jefferson.

Phil Silvers played what relative of Captain Stubing?

Silvers played the captain’s dad!

Who plays the actress Adam Bricker falls in love with?

She portrayed Dr. Emily Bradford.

Which sports star played himself on the show?

He is the only one to play himself on the show.

How many actors from Gilligan’s Island have appeared on The Love Boat?

Gilligan, Skipper, Mary Ann, Ginger and Mr. and Mrs. Howell all appear on The Love Boat!

Who played Captain Stubing’s bride?

She played Emily Hayward on The Love Boat and they got married on the last episode!

Love, (blank) come aboard, we’re expecting you. What words go in the blank?

Exciting and new!

What singer sang the theme song?

The Love Boat is the first song on his album.

Who wrote the music for The Love Boat?

When writing the song, he actually walked around the set of The Love Boat!

Which female star performed The Love Boat from 1985 to 1986?

She has a wonderful voice!

Which actor never guest starred?

Another cast member from Honeymooners did appear – Audrey Meadows (Alice Kramden).

Who played the mother of Burl Smith?

Ginger Rogers was the mother of “Gopher”.

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