The Hardest Quiz '80s Movie Lovers Will Ever Take! How Will You Do?

By Torrance Grey on February 13, 2018

About This Quiz

See how well you remember the movies of the 1980s -- in all genres -- with our quiz!

The Reagan era might have been "morning in America," but frankly, a lot of us missed it -- because we were up too late the night before at the multiplex, watching comedies like "The Breakfast Club" and tearjerkers like "An Officer and a Gentleman"! With VCRs barely on the scene, 1980s movie lovers saw their favorite films in all their big-screen glory ... which is definitely the way action epics like "Top Gun" were meant to be watched. (Besides which, ducking into a darkened theater was the only way to avoid seeing everyone's loud, color-blocked warm-up jackets and Swatch wristwatches).

But the cinema of the '80s wasn't all easy laughs, light romance and flashy action movies. There were, surprisingly, touches of seriousness, too. Remember, for example, the gorgeous foreign films made by producing duo Merchant-Ivory? Or "Platoon," the first of a series of socially conscious historical films by writer-director Oliver Stone? Then there was 1987's "The Last Temptation of Christ," made by Martin Scorsese. It generated a good bit of controversy, and foreshadowed Mel Gibson's equally eyebrow-raising "The Passion of the Christ" years later.

Whatever your personal tastes in movies, take a trip back with us to the smash hits and rare gems of 1980s cinema. Don't worry, we'll spend plenty of time reminiscing about the Brat Pack and "Ridgemont High," but with a few high-quality flicks thrown in, just to mix things up. So pour yourself a New Coke to wash down your popcorn, and test your knowledge on the classic movies of the 1980s.

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