The George Costanza Quiz You Never Knew You Needed

By Staff Writer on January 28, 2018

About This Quiz

Who doesn't remember "It's the shrinkage! It's the shrinkage!" George Costanza of the '90s hit sitcom series "Seinfeld" has some of the best lines from a sitcom which produced hundreds of great one-liners. 

As Jerry Seinfeld's best friend, George creates a long list of schemes, ploys and silly antics which land him in trouble. Whether it's women or work, even when handed to him, George seems to make a mess of things. After all, most people have lied on a resume, but George brought it to a new level with his fake company.... Oh, wait, that's for you to answer. But, did you know that for the length of the series, that company name was a popular addition to thousands of resumes across the country? And what was George's beef with the soup Nazi? It created a heck of a problem for his soup-addicted friends!

While we've all had a friend similar to George, there really is no other George. He is the bumbling, bald and overweight guy who sometimes succeeds with women and somehow lands a job with arguably baseball's greatest franchise. But, did you know that George's character was actually based on a real person? If you give it some thought, you might be able to figure out who that is.

So, step into George's shoes for a few minutes and take this quiz to see if you are the "Seinfeld" fan you think you are!

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