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A remote island. Your desired fantasy. How will it turn out? A lesson in morals, an unexpected insight into relationships, disaster, or a happy ending? Check out this enchanting Fantasy Island Trivia Quiz and find out where fantasies can take you.

What is the name of the character who would shout "Da plane! Da plane!" at the opening of the show.

Tattoo, played by Hervé Villechaize, would run up the main bell tower to ring the bell and shout "The plane! The plane!" to announce the arrival of a new set of guests at the beginning of each episode. This line, shown at the beginning of the show's credits, became an unlikely catchphrase because of Villechaize's spirited delivery and French accent.

What is the name of the character in the white suit that welcomes the guest?

Fantasy Island starred Ricardo Montalbán as Mr. Roarke, the enigmatic overseer of a mysterious island somewhere in the Pacific Ocean, where people from all walks of life could come and live out their fantasies, albeit for a price. He was known for his cultured demeanor and white suit. Throughout the series it was a mystery whether Roarke was a first name, last name or only name of the Ricardo Montalban’s character, as he was addressed differently in different episodes.

What would Roarke say to welcome his guests?

As each visitor exited the plane, Roarke would describe to Tattoo (or another assistant) the nature of their fantasy, usually with a cryptic comment suggesting the person's fantasy will not turn out as they expected. Roarke would then welcome his guests by lifting his glass and saying: "My dear guests, I am Mr. Roarke, your host. Welcome to Fantasy Island." This toast was usually followed with a warm smile but sometimes (depending on the nature of a guest or their fantasy) his eyes would show concern or worry for a guest's safety.

Tattoo had more fun later in the series, what did he get that was specifically fitted for him?

In later seasons, Tattoo would arrive in his personal go-kart, sized for him, and recklessly drive to join Roarke for the visitor reception while the staff scrambled to get out of his way. This new mode of transportation may have been inspired by Villechaize's complaints of medical problems (he had breathing problems).

What does Julie do at Fantasy Island?

From 1980 to 1982, Wendy Schaal joined the cast as a beautiful, brown-eyed, blonde assistant named Julie, she was also the goddaughter of Roarke. Fulfilling fantasies is a lot of work and Ricardo Montalbán needed help as Hervé Villechaize wanted to cut back on his hours. Wendy Schaal is also a voice actress and is known for her work on American Dad and Family Guy. She has acted in many TV shows and movies including The 'Burbs, and Friends.

Do you recall that Tattoo was replaced? What was the name of the character he was replaced with?

The producers dismissed Villechaize from the series before the 1983–1984 season, which ended up being the series’ last season. Herve Villechaize asked for a raise when the series had already begun to fade in the ratings. He also wanted to cut back on his hours due to medical reasons and then complained publicly about how he didn’t play a major role anymore. Tattoo was replaced by a more sedate butler-type named Lawrence, played by Christopher Hewett.

What was the character of Lawrence like compared to Tattoo?

Tattoo was replaced by the considerably taller (6-foot-2) Lawrence, a British butler played by Christopher Hewett, who joined the cast in 1983 and stayed until the series left the air in August 1984. The character of Lawrence was exactly the opposite of Tattoo's in many ways. For instance, Lawrence was also responsible for the bell ringing, but instead of climbing to the tower he simply pushed a button outside to have the bell ring automatically.

Besides his name, what else is mysterious about Roarke?

Roarke is the sole owner and proprietor of Fantasy Island. Roarke's actual age is a complete mystery. In the pilot film, he comments how the guests who come to his island are "so mortal" and there are hints throughout the series that suggest Roarke may be immortal. In "Elizabeth", a woman from Roarke's past appears, but it is revealed that she died over 300 years ago. Another episode even suggests that he was once intimate with Cleopatra.

At one point, the Devil comes to Fantasy Island, how does Roarke react?

Roarke has come to know many seemingly-immortal beings over his time on Earth, including ghosts ("The Ghost's Story"), a genie ("A Genie Named Joe"), even Uriel the Angel of Death ("The Angel's Triangle"). In "The Devil and Mandy Breem" and "The Devil and Mr. Roarke", Roarke even faces the Devil (played by Roddy McDowall) who has come to the island to challenge him for either a guest's immortal soul or his. It is mentioned this is not the first time they have confronted each other and Mr. Roarke has always been the winner. In the second story, the Devil himself was one of the island's guests, claiming he was only there to relax and had no interest in Roarke's soul at the time. However, this turned out to be yet another ruse.

Fantasies are not always as ideal as imagined, what happens when fantasies go wrong?

Roarke had a strong moral code, but he was always merciful. He usually tried to teach his guests important life lessons through the medium of their fantasies, frequently in a manner that exposes the errors of their ways. When necessary, Roarke would directly intervene when the fantasy became dangerous to the guest. With only a few exceptions, Roarke always made it quite clear that he was powerless to stop a fantasy once it had begun and that guests must play them out to their conclusion.

Was there ever a death on Fantasy Island?

Roarke's fantasies were not without peril, but the greatest danger usually came from the guests themselves. In some cases, people were killed due to their own negligence, aggression or arrogance. And on occasions when the island hosted terminally ill guests he would allow them to live out one last wish.

How much did it cost to buy a trip to Fantasy Island?

In the beginning, each guest had paid $50,000 (about $196,000 in 2016 dollars) in advance for the fulfillment of their fantasies and that Fantasy Island was a business. Later in the series Roarke told Tattoo that he sometimes dropped the price when a guest couldn't afford the usual fee because he believed everyone should be given a chance to have their fantasies fulfilled. At one point it became clear that the price a guest paid was substantial to him or her. In one episode a little girl emptied her piggy bank to have her fantasy with her father fulfilled. On numerous occasions, a guest had not paid for the trip at all but instead won it as a result of a contest. Those who won a contest were usually on the island as part of someone else's fantasy.

What kind of fantasies do most people choose?

The nature of a fantasy varied from story to story and were typically very personal to each guest on some level. They could be as harmless as wanting to be reunited with a lost love to something more dangerous like tracking down a cold-blooded killer who murdered someone close to the guest. Usually, the fantasy would take an unexpected turn and proceed down a quite different path than the guest expected with some new revelation or renewed interest about themselves or someone close to them.

In the world of fantasy, there will always be the unusual. Which of these might you see in a Fantasy Island program?

Although some fantasies were rooted in the real world, many others involved supernatural (such as ghosts, demons, or witchcraft) or mythological (mermaids, genies, Greek goddesses) elements. Time-travel was often a required element, if not a specific request, to fulfill one's fantasy. Roarke often preceded particularly risky fantasies with a stern warning, word of caution, or even suggestion that the guest select another fantasy instead.

How did the studio introduce the Fantasy Island series?

Before it became a television series, Fantasy Island was introduced to viewers in 1977 and 1978 through two made-for-television movies. What is interesting about the premise of Fantasy Island is that it originally was a joke. Spelling and production partner Leonard Goldberg were pitching ideas to ABC executive Brandon Stoddard. After the executive rejected all of their plans, at least six in all, Spelling blurted out: "What do you want? An island that people can go to and all of their sexual fantasies will be realized?" Stoddard loved the idea. Although it was modified for TV.

How were the guests brought to the island?

A Grumman Widgeon aircraft was used for the series. It was a special plane in that all the guest stars autographed it. The plane itself had a poetic history. It was previously owned by Richard D. Bach, author of "Jonathan Livingston Seagull". In 1990 the plane went up for auction with all the signatures on it.

The plane flew over a beautiful island view; what location was this?

The series was filmed primarily in Burbank, California, with the opening scenes of the enchanting island coastline being that of Kauai, Hawaii (both the Na Pali coast as well as Wailua Falls). However, the house with the bell tower, where Tattoo rings the bell, is not in Hawaii. It is the Queen Anne Cottage, located in the Los Angeles County Arboretum and Botanic Garden in Arcadia. The plane, "arriving" with the guests, was filmed in the lagoon behind the Queen Anne Cottage.

What happened when Tattoo had his own fantasy?

Tattoo was given his own fantasy as a "love god" which ended up with him being chased by hostile natives in canoes. Mr. Roarke suddenly appeared in a motorboat, snared Tattoo's canoe with a grappling hook and towed it away at high speed to help him escape.

Roarke seemed to be able to do anything. Which of these was seen in the series?

In later seasons, Roarke seemed to have his own supernatural powers of some sort that was called the "Gift of the McNabs" in an episode entitled "Delphine". In the episodes’ "Reprisal" and "The Power" he temporarily gave the guest psychokinetic abilities. He also gave a guest the power to see into the future in "Terrors of the Mind".

Who would always say “Smiles everyone, smiles.”?

Roarke would always be sure that his staff was ready with a pleasant smile on their faces when the plane arrived. Roarke was an elusive character. Ricardo Montalban would claim in interviews that he had a definite opinion in mind regarding the mystery of Mr. Roarke, and how he accomplished his fantasies, but he would never publicly state what it was. Years after the show was off the air, in an interview with the Academy of Television Arts and Sciences, Montalban finally revealed that his motivation was – he imagined Roarke as a fallen angel whose sin was pride and that Fantasy Island was purgatory.

Who was first choice to portray Mr. Roarke?

The network wanted Orson Welles for Mr. Roarke, but Spelling rejected him, knowing of his irritable nature on sets. Roddy Mcdowell, (The original "Planet of The Apes"), was never approached to play the role, but he was on one episode of the show. He portrayed The Devil. If you guessed Malcolm McDowell, you were close. After the original series ended in 1984, fourteen years later in 1998, ABC revived the series in a Saturday time slot. The role of Mr. Roarke was played by Malcolm McDowell and, in contrast to the first series, the supernatural aspect of his character and of Fantasy Island itself was emphasized from the start, along with a dose of dark humor.

During the series' run Mr. Roarke twice granted Tattoo a fantasy; in one he wanted to be a "love god", what was the other?

In "Tattoo: The Love God", Tattoo's fantasy of becoming a god to many beautiful native women becomes a bit too much for him to handle, and Roarke needs to step in to save him. In the episode, “Also Rans/Portrait of Solange”, Tattoo is granted a birthday fantasy to paint like Toulouse-Lautrec, and unexpectedly finds romance. Interestingly, in France, Hervé Villechaize had studied at Paris' Beaux-Arts to be a painter, but turned to acting after moving to New York.

Which of these fantasies are also episodes?

In "The Inventor", an AMP and his lab assistant arrive on the island to perfect a formula .... which has already blown up eight separate labs. In an episode entitled "The Boxer" a boxer arrives on Fantasy Island to have a second chance to win against an opponent who beat him in the past. One episode finds a bickering couple (Vic Tayback and Katherine Helmond) swapping bodies for the weekend. All of them will learn lessons about themselves through their fantasies.

How else has the catchphrase, “Da plane, Da plane!” been used?

Dunkin' Donuts once had a commercial where Tattoo runs into a donut shop and exclaims "The plain, the plain! No, no, no, the chocolate, the chocolate! No, no, no, the Boston cream...” In 1993 that Hervé Villechaize committed suicide. A note he left said he was despondent over longtime health problems. It is also widely speculated that Hervé Villechaize was driven to suicide because of his inescapable recognition as Tattoo and how his career faltered after the series ended.

Be careful what you wish for is a moral that is learned in which episode?

In "With Affection, Jack the Ripper", criminologist Lorraine Peters uses a time portal to confirm her suspicion that Jack the Ripper was a doctor, Albert Fell. Fell follows her back through the portal, grabs Peters and takes her back to 1888, where the enigmatic Mr. Roarke intervenes fortuitously, and Fell dies moments later while fleeing. The other two episodes had moral lessons as well, but they were insights into the traits of the characters.

Who says this to Harry, “If we get another depressed yuppie stockbroker on this island, I won't be held accountable for my actions.” Harry: “You're accountable to someone?” “Figure of speech."

Rourke's full past was never revealed, but we know he's several centuries old, counts Camelot's Merlin as 'a dear old friend', that he can be killed if he willingly suspends his powers, and that The Devil wants his soul very badly. Fan theories are that he's either an angel or a man granted powers by a God to help people by granting their wishes. In real life, after a few episodes that tried to play the fantasies straight as elaborate set-pieces and full-immersion games run somewhere on the island, the writers just gave up and made everything magical…including Roarke.

Which of these people were guest stars on Fantasy Island?

Not only those listed above, but Delta Burke, David Cassidy, Geena Davis, Sammy Davis Jr. and many others. There needed to be many guest stars as two scripts were written for one show. Most of the time, the A Story and the B Story had nothing to do with one another; in fact, the two plot threads were usually written by two different scriptwriters.

Peggy Fleming guest starred in which episode?

Peggy Fleming, was a 1968 Olympic Champion and a three-time World Champion (1966–1968) in women’s figure skating. She was also a guest star in Skater's Edge/Concerto of Death/The Last Great Race where a Minnesota farm girl wants to be a champion figure skater. This episode also had THREE storylines. Besides the skating storyline, a man suspects that his brother, a classical concert pianist, was murdered and wants to find out how and by whom; and a divorcing couple agree to a race to decide the final settlement of their joint property.

Eva Gabor also guest starred, what kind of character did she play?

In real life Eva Gabor was married five times. In Fantasy Island she plays a widow trying to decide between three men to marry but is constantly interrupted by the ghost of her dead husband. As Anastasia Dexter, she wishes to be rid of her dead husband's influence on her wanting to meet other men to marry. In the same episode there is a story line about a man who has been poisoned and wants to find his killer before he dies.

Regis Philbin was yet another guest star, what character did he play?

Regis Philbin guest stars in "The Choice". In this episode Mark and Rebecca, two young orphans, accompany their caretaker, Miss Ewell, to the island with an unusual fantasy: the kids want to choose their adoptive parents, rather than the other way around. Roarke has found two hopeful couples which includes Regis playing the husband of one couple. Both couples take the children on wonderful adventures. Rebecca and Mark realize that once they are gone, Miss Ewell will not have a job. In the end, they tell Roarke that they want Miss Ewell herself to adopt them, for she has taught them so much that they value.

Last one: Sugar Ray Robinson starred in Fantasy Island, what kind of character did he play?

Sugar Ray Robinson was an American boxer who was the Welterweight and Middleweight Champion of the World. He fought from 1940 until 1965. In the episode, Class of '69 / The Pug, Sugar Ray Robinson is the heavy weight champion who comes to the island for a bout. It's the son of his sparring partner who wishes that his father can have an actual bout and maybe win. While training, the sparring partner manages to knock the champ down. Then the challenger pulls out and Roarke suggests why not let his sparring partner take the challenger’s place.

Which actor got nominated for an award for his or her work on Fantasy Island?

Hervé Villechaize was nominated for a Golden Globe for Best Supporting Actor in a Series, Miniseries or Motion Picture Made for Television in 1982. He did not win, although he was up against some great competition. Others who were nominated included Pat Harrington, Jr. of One Day at a Time, Vic Tayback of Alice, Danny DeVito of Taxi and John Hillerman of Magnum, P.I. That year John Hillerman won.

When did the series air?

Fantasy Island aired for seven seasons starting January 14, 1977 through May 19, 1984. Be sure not to confuse this long-running series with the revived Fantasy Island series that aired for only two seasons on ABC from 1998 to 1999 in a Saturday time slot.

How did the series do in the ratings?

Fantasy Island debuted at number 17 in its first season. Although it dropped into the 20's in season two and three, it regained its number 17 position in season four. In season five it was at number 30 but fell again in the next two seasons prior to cancellation.

With all the special effects, costumes and time traveling scenes, the series received many nominations. Which categories received recognition?

Fantasy Island received Primetime Emmy nominations in the categories of Outstanding Cinematography for a Series, Outstanding Achievement in Makeup and Outstanding Costume Design for a Series. It also received a nomination in Outstanding Achievement in Film Sound Editing for a Series. It was a very enchanting, visually engaging and well produced show.

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