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Diff'rent Strokes was not only a groundbreaking show for its time, but it's also memorable in many ways within the pop culture of the world. Take this quiz and find out why!

During which decade did the sitcom Diff’rent Strokes debut?

The show began in 1978.


Who is the child actor who became the face of this show?

Gary Coleman suffered from a disease which prevented him from growing any taller.


The plotline of the sitcom involves a rich man who has this social status.

The millionaire widower man was the head of the household in this show.


What is the name of the rich widower who encountered the precocious young children?

Mr. Drummond was played by Conrad Bain.


Mr. Drummond decided to adopt the orphaned kids when their mother died. What was her relationship to him?

The kids’ mother didn’t have anyone to take care of the two tykes, so Mr. Drummond stepped in.


What was the name of the older orphaned sibling?

Willis was reluctant to move in to the posh apartment at first.


What was the name of the younger of the two orphaned kids?

Unlike his brother, Arnold took to Mr. Drummond’s place quite easily.


In which posh New York neighborhood did Mr. Drummond live?

Park Avenue is in the Manhattan borough.


Where did the Jackson boys grow up?

Harlem is also found in the Manhattan borough.


What is the name of Mr. Drummond’s only daughter?

Kimberly acted as the big sister of the Jackson boys.


What was cutesy Arnold’s signature catchphrase?

This catchphrase became one of the most iconic line in TV history.


Willis actually had his own catchphrase. What was it?

Willis’ catchphrase may not have been popular as Arnold’s, but it also gave him character.


Legend has it that the title of the show may have been inspired from a famous quote by this legendary boxer.

Muhammad Ali himself made quite a handful of catchphrases that made it into pop culture.


What was the purported Muhammad Ali quote where the title of the show supposedly came from?

Prior to this catchphrase inspiration, the show was originally entitled “45 Minutes from Harlem."


Who is the housekeeper in the Drummond household visible during the first season?

Mrs. Garrett took on another job during the second season, marking her departure from the show.


Mrs. Garrett actually starred in a spinoff show of Diff’rent Strokes, that’s why she left. What was that show?

Mrs. Garrett was introduced in the dormitory when she accompanied Kimberly in a school nearby.


It was rare for a sitcom to tackle serious social issues during the 1970s and 1980s. How did the show producers label their sensitive episodes like this?

The Very Special Episodes structure in TV pop culture was started by this show.


One of the show’s very special episodes involved a drug abuse storyline and guested this US First Lady.

Nancy Reagan was also the face of her husband Ronald Reagan’s anti-drug campaign.


Another very special episode featured Kimberly who almost got into this kind of trouble during a hitchhiking incident.

In this episode, Kimberly almost gets raped by the man who gives the kids a ride.


In another very special episode, Arnold gets lured inside this kind of shop by the owner who turns out to be a child molester.

The seemingly quiet bike shop owner’s pedophile secret was eventually thwarted and revealed.


In real life, Dana Plato is also this kind of trained athlete, which the show writers included as a plotline in one episode.

The special episode had US Olympic figure skater Dorothy Hamill as a guest star.


Because of the obvious white father-African American kids plotline, this kind of social issue was always discussed and debunked in the show.

In several episodes, the issue of racism pops up every now and then.


When Mrs. Garrett departed, she was replaced by this maid.

Adelaide was played by Nedra Volz.


In season 5 though, Adelaide Brubaker also left, and was replaced by this new housekeeper.

Mary Jo Catlett played Pearl.


As a precocious kid character, Arnold always does this to his father figure Mr. Drummond.

When the show progressed, Gary Coleman asked the producers to lessen this lap-jumping action and write in more mature actions for Arnold.


This future cast member of The Wonder Years made recurring guestings in the show.

Jason Hervey played Arnold’s friend Charlie.


Willis had a girlfriend for 3 seasons in the middle of the show’s run. What was her name?

Even though they broke up later, Willis and Charlene remained friends.


Which future music superstar portrayed Willis’ girlfriend Charlene?

Janet Jackson acted in many shows prior to focusing on her music career.


What did Arnold call this perennial school bully, which was never shown, only mentioned many times?

The Gooch was clearly a bully, but it’s not clear why the show’s writers didn’t create a character to represent him physically.


Even when Mr. Drummond formally adopted the brothers, they still called him this name instead of dad.

Mr. Drummond actually gave the boys the go-signal to call him dad prior to adopting them.


In one episode, one of the Drummond kids gets held up a knifepoint, causing deeply hidden trauma. Which kid was victimized?

Mr. Drummond tried to help Arnold out of her trauma by first coaxing him to talk about what happened.


What is the name of Arnold’s best friend who also figures in his misadventures?

Dudley was portrayed by Shavar Ross.


Sadly, two of the three child stars who became popular in this show already died. Which one was left?

Dana Plato had drug-related problems while Gary Coleman’s diseases somehow led to his death.


Which popular ‘80s sitcom star also wrote the theme song of this show?

Alan Thicke was the star of another ‘80s sitcom called Growing Pains.


How many seasons did Diff’rent Strokes have?

The show ran for 8 seasons from 1978 to 1986.


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