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Northern Exposure was a popular American TV series during which decade?

The show ran from 1990 to 1995.


The show’s central character was this fish-out-of-water character.

Joel was played by Rob Morrow.


In which US state did the story of Northern Exposure take place?

Alaska was bought from the Russian Empire by the US in the 1800s.


While the story of Northern Exposure took place in Alaska, the show was actually shot in this other US state.

Most of the small town shoot of the show took place in Roslyn, Washington.


What is the name of the fictional small town of Alaska where Northern Exposure took place?

Cicely, Alaska is depicted as a small town with a population of less than 500.


Joel Fleischman’s occupation was what made him go to Cicely, Alaska. What was it?

Part of Joel's medical school funds was subsidized by a grant from Alaska, which required him to some "payback time" in serving the grant.


Originally from this city, Dr. Fleischman had trouble adjusting to small town life, given the huge differences.

Dr. Fleischman always misses New York’s staple bagels in Alaska.


Who was responsible for bringing Dr. Fleischman to Cicely?

Maurice was played by Barry Corbin.


Maurice, the self-appointed media mogul of Cicely, owns this media-oriented company which plays a central role in the town.

The town’s radio station is named KBHR 570 AM.


Who is the resident disc jockey of KBHR 570, infusing his radio spiels with philosophical musings and quotes of intellectual snippets from literature?

Chris was played by John Corbett.


Since it’s a really small town, DJ Chris also acts in this role for the town.

The small town identifies Chris as their only clergyman.


The show’s opening sequence features this strange animal roaming around the streets of the town, a not-so-strange occurrence in Alaska.

The actual moose used in the shoot was provided by the Washington State University from a captive herd they kept.


What is the name of the bush pilot with whom Dr. Fleischman develops a kind of screwball interaction which later leads to a romantic relationship?

Maggie was played by Janine Turner.


Being of a small town with hyphenated designations for people, Maggie also plays this role in Joel’s life.

Maggie is a transplanted citizen in Alaska, who originally came from a rich family in Michigan.


He is the very first quirky character whom Dr. Fleischman meets in Cicely, the first of many in the town.

Ed was played by Darren E. Burrows.


She owns the general store in the town, so naturally, everyone knows her, as she also knows everyone.

Ruth-Anne was played by Peg Phillips.


Who is Dr. Joel’s assistant, the one who throws somewhat silently tolerant but meaningful “pregnant" looks at the New York-neurotic doctor from time to time?

Marilyn was played by Elaine Miles.


Since Marilyn is a Native Alaskan, she has this Native American-sounding last name.

The laconic Marilyn, when she indeed talks, often references Native American folk tales to make a point.


Ed, the half-Native Alaskan orphan, is actually a budding practitioner of this art form.

He later fancies himself as a documentarist who records Cicely’s goings-on.


Cicely is named after one of the founders of the town, who is one of this kind of rainbow people.

Cicely and her fellow female partner founded the town in 1908.


What is the name of the other co-founder of Cicely?

Cicely and Roslyn founded the town and aimed it to be the “Paris of the North."


What is the name of the popular bar and restaurant in town?

The Brick is the commercial establishment on the ground floor while its owners live upstairs.


Who owns The Brick bar and restaurant?

Holling was played by John Cullum.


Who is Holling’s wife, who is 40+ years his junior?

Shelley was played by Cynthia Geary.


Ed sometimes converses with a ghost of a dead Native American chief who acts as his spirit guide. What is his name?

One-Who-Waits was played by Floyd Westerman.


This house turned bed and breakfast was opened by two guys who bought it from Maurice.

In one episode, some Japanese tourists performed some rituals in this Inn, making it popular to visitors.


Who owns Sourdough Inn?

Erick and Ron were played by Doug Ballard and Don McManus, respectively.


Much to bigoted macho Maurice’s surprise, the Sourdough Inn owners turn out to be this kind of people.

In later seasons, the gay couple get married — a milestone in US TV history.


Both Holling and Shelley are naturalized US citizens who settled down in Alaska. Where are they originally from?

Canada’s capital is Ottawa.


Because Dr. Joel is Jewish, this figure sometimes appears to him in the form of visions.

Jerry Adler played Joel’s rabbi in the show.


Maggie is somewhat allergic to relationships at first because this often happens to her boyfriends.

Maggie referred to this strange occurrence as the “O'Connell Curse."


Since Ed wants to be in touch with his Native American roots, he is also training to become one of this.

In one episode, Ed concocts a healing potion which gives Dr. Joel hallucinations when he drank it.


Actor Rob Morrow was replaced later by new actors by the last season due to this issue.

Morrow's contract dispute led the writers to write him out of the show.


Another doctor replaced Dr. Joel when the latter decided to "explore the wilderness.” What is his name?

Phil was played by Paul Provenza.


How many seasons completed Northern Exposure’s run?

Aside from the major cast departure, the show’s original producers were also changed prior to the show’s conclusion.


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