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Columbo himself doesn't ask questions this challenging.

What future famous name directed Columbo's first regular season episode?

"Murder by the Book" was directed by the man who would bring us "E.T."—Steven Spielberg.


Which Star Trek officer played a plotting TV detective?

It was James T. Kirk himself—William Shatner—who played culprit, Ward Fowler.


When Dick Van Dyke played a Columbo villain, what was his profession?

In "Negative Reaction," Dick Van Dyke played photographer, Paul Galesko.


What member of the Starship Enterprise crew played a sinister surgeon?

The murderer in "A Stitch in Crime" was none other than Mr. Spock—Leonard Nimoy.


What member TV's Walton family was operated on by the killer from Question #4?

Kindly, wise Grandpa Walton—Will Geer—was operated on by Leonard Nimoy in "A Stitch in Crime."


What was the name of the touring revival show fronted by Johnny Cash in Season 3?

At the very beginning of "Swan Song" we see the marquee for Tommy Brown and the Lost Soul Crusaders.


What sort of duel did Columbo have with poet, Joe Devlin?

In "The Conspirators," Columbo and Joe Devlin engage in "limericks at twenty paces."


Who played Columbo's first regular season murderer?

Jack Cassidy—father of teen idol, David Cassidy—was the murderer in Season 1, Episode 1, "Murder by the Book."


Name the place where murderous magician, The Great Santini, performed.

Much of "Now You See Him..." takes place at the Cabaret of Magic.


Who played Columbo's first regular season murder victim?

Martin Milner, Pete Malloy of Adam 12 fame, played Jack Cassidy's writing partner and victim in "Murder by the Book."


In "Old Fashioned Murder," Columbo was stunned by the price of what?

After calming down an irate hair stylist by offering to get a haircut, Columbo gets a bill for a $25 styling and $5 manicure.


Columbo went up against the proprietor of what chain of health spas?

Robert Conrad played the scheming exercise guru, Milo Janus.


Martin Sheen played a not-sympathetic victim killed over what kind of formula?

Martin Sheen played a cosmetics company scientist in "Lovely but Lethal."


When Martin Sheen's character in "Lovely but Lethal" was killed, what was the murder weapon?

Sheen's character was killed by being struck with a microscope.


What play was being rehearsed when Columbo investigated a case in London?

The marquee at the Royal Court Theatre proclaimed a production of Macbeth in "Dagger of the Mind."


What future bumbling lawman once played the unwitting beau of a brother-murdering murderess?

Leslie Nielsen of "The Naked Gun" movie series played Peter Hamilton in the "Lady in Waiting" episode.


What instrument did poet Joe Devlin play in "The Conspirators?"

Joe Devlin sang "God Save Ireland" while accompanying himself on the banjo.


What was the profession of the murderer in the first pilot season episode of Columbo?

Gene Barry played psychiatrist, Dr. Ray Fleming, in "Prescription: Murder."


Which TV detective portrayer directed a Season 1 Columbo episode ?

Peter Falk—Columbo, himself—directed "Blueprint for Murder."


What football team did Dean Stockwell's character own in "The Most Crucial Game?"

Several times during the episode, we hear references to The Rockets.


Name the winemaker in "Any Old Port in a Storm."

At the very beginning of the episode, we see an establishing shot of Carsini Wineries.


Name the book company at the center of the "Publish or Perish" episode.

Jack Cassidy was the proprietor of Greenleaf Publications in that episode.


In the "Mind Over Mayhem" episode, what sort of research was plagiarized?

When the plagiarist's father is confronted with the news, the topic of "molecular matter" is brought up.


Name the military school where Columbo investigated a murder.

The murder in that episode happened over plans to turn Haynes Academy into a coed junior college.


What song does the cruise ship singer perform before being killed in "Troubled Waters?"

The song is that Italian-American favorite, Volare, featuring sing-alongs from the audience.


What fictional Middle Eastern country is involved in "A Case of Immunity?"

There's a lot of protesting about Suarian affairs in that episode.


What high-IQ society was involved in a Columbo investigation?

The episode was "The Bye-Bye Sky High IQ Murder Case" and the society was the Sigma Society.


What sort of dogs were used as murder weapons in "How to Dial a Murder?"

Yep. Dobermans. Why is it always Dobermans?


What fictional TV network was involved in "Make Me a Perfect Murder?"

CNC was all over the walls in those offices!


When Roddy McDowall played a murderer, what did he make explode?

In one of Columbo's more intricate murder devices, Roddy's character rigged up a cigar tube to detonate when the box was opened.


What microphone-wielding interviewer appeared in "A Forgotten Lady?"

Famed Hollywood interviewer, Army Archerd (playing himself), was chatting up luminaries at a movie premiere in that episode.


Who played a legendary bull fighter in "A Matter of Honor?"

It was the portrayer of Captain Kirk nemesis, Khan—Ricardo Montalban— who played the matador-turned-murderer.


What development project cost Forrest Tucker's character his life in "Blueprint for Murder?"

Tucker's character, Bo Williamson, was the money behind Williamson City.


What sort of cigars did Columbo smoke?

We're never told the brand but references are made to the less-than-high-end nature of Columbo's stogies.


What breed was Columbo's dog?

That sad-sack of a bassett hound never did get a real name.


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