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Remembering two different TV series? Maybe you need to see a psychologist and talk about it? Or you could take this quiz and the silly characters and hilarious situations from The Bob Newhart Show and Newhart, will all come back to you.

Bob Newhart’s character, did what for a living?

Bob Newhart was a psychologist. Many silly situations arose from the different patients Bob would see in his office.


What was the name of Bob Newhart’s character in the series?

Robert Hartley, Ph.D. was the character that Bob Newhart portrayed on the TV show. Robert Downey Jr. is an actor well known for his portrayal of Iron Man, Sherlock Holmes and many other characters.


In what city does the Bob Newhart Show take place?

From Michigan Avenue to The Loop Elevated Platform, the opening credits show a montage of Bob commuting to work in Chicago, the Windy City.


What was the name of Bob’s wife in The Bob Newhart Show?

Emily Hartley, was Bob’s wife, a school teacher and later assistant principal.


What is the name of the beautiful actress who played Emily?

The beautiful Suzanne Pleshette portrayed Emily. There is some resemblance between Joyce Dewitt from Three’s Company and Suzanne Pleshette, but Ms. Dewitt never portrayed Emily. You’ll note that Mary Frann is the name of the actress who played Bob’s wife in the Newharts.


What was the name of Bill Daily’s character who played Bob and Emily’s next-door neighbor, as well as an airline navigator and later co-captain?

Howard Borden was the name of the character who lived next door to Bob and Emily and was an airline navigator. Later in the series, he became a co-captain.


What was Dr. Jerry Robinson's occupation?

Peter Bonerz played Dr. Jerry Robinson, who was an orthodontist and Bob’s best friend. He had us all in smiles.


Bob Newhart’s regular patients brought their own special comedic situations with them. One of our favorites was the cynical and neurotic Jack Riley. What was the name of his character?

Jack Riley played the cynical and neurotic Elliot Carlin. Carlin was ranked 49th in TV Guide's List of the 50 Greatest TV Characters of All Time. Elliott Gould would have been a good addition to the cast, although he never starred. Elliott Gould is best known for his roles in M*A*S*H (1970), The Long Goodbye (1973), and California Split (1974). The comedian, George Carlin would be comfortable on the sitcom, although he too, never guest-starred.


The henpecked, milquetoast Marine veteran was played by John Fiedler. What was the name of the character?

John Fiedler, who was slight, balding, and bespectacled, with a distinctive, high-pitched voice played Emile Peterson, the henpecked, milquetoast Marine veteran. Ed Herd and Victor Gianelli also played patients on the Bob Newhart Show throughout the series.


One more character that was loved by one and all was the shy, reserved elderly woman who spends most of her sessions knitting. What was the character’s name?

The character, Mrs. Lilan Bakerman was portrayed by Florida Friebus, a shy, reserved elderly woman who spends most of her sessions knitting. Michelle Nardo and Joan Rossi were also characters who appeared as patients on the show.


Great characters, great writing, and great performances turn into a highly ranked show. What ranking did The Bob Newhart Show earn for its first three seasons?

In the first three seasons, The Bob Newhart Show ranked in the Top 20. Specifically, Season one was ranked at 16, Season two was ranked at 12 and Season three was ranked at 17. The fourth season had The Bob Newhart Show ranked at 26.


Between what years did The Bob Newhart Show air?

The Bob Newhart Show aired between September 16, 1972, and April 1, 1978. Even though CBS offered him a sixth season, Newhart was seriously thinking of ending the program as ratings had continued to slip. He later revealed in an interview that what made him change his mind was the amount of mail he received from viewers begging him not to go off the air.


Favorite episodes! Do you remember what happened in the episode entitled, “Over the River and Through the Woods"?

“Over the River and Through the Woods" was ranked number nine on TV Guide's 100 Greatest Episodes of All Time. In it, Emily flies off to Seattle to join her family for Thanksgiving, leaving Bob to share the holiday with his male buddies … and alcohol. After imbibing, Dr. Hartley is just as goofy as Howard and Jerry.


Another favorite episode is "Death Be My Destiny". What happened in that episode?

“Death Be My Destiny” was ranked 25 on the Top 100 Sitcom Episodes of all Time. In that episode Mr. Herd, Bob's ever-apologetic patient, can't enjoy life because he's afraid to try anything new. ("I'm afraid to live and I'm afraid to die, and I'm afraid to laugh and I'm afraid to cry!") Then Bob's next-door neighbor Howard, an airplane navigator, becomes afraid of his job after a rough flight. Bob tries to get them to see their fears as irrational — until his own brush with mortality, when he nearly tumbles down an elevator shaft in his office.


What happens in the final episode, “Happy Trails to You”?

Bob gives up his psychology practice and accepts a teaching position at a small college in Oregon. In the closing scene the cast exchanges tearful goodbyes and embrace before bursting into an impromptu refrain of "Oklahoma".


In 2004, TV Land commemorated the show with a statue of Newhart in character as Dr. Hartley, how is Dr. Hartley poised?

Dr. Hartley is seated and facing an empty couch, as if conducting a therapy session in his office. The statue was temporarily installed in front of the building used for exterior establishing shots of Hartley's office (430 North Michigan Avenue). The statue is now permanently located in the sculpture park in front of Chicago's Navy Pier entertainment complex.


Okay, we’re about halfway through the quiz. Time to pay trivia-tribute to the other half of Bob Newhart’s legacy, the Newharts. Where does this show take place?

The Newharts’ escapades took place in a small, unnamed rural town in Vermont.


Bob Newhart portrays Dick Loudon, what is Dick Loudon’s occupation?

Dick Loudon is an author of do-it-yourself books and travel books (including "Many Moods of Minnesota" and "Captivating Kansas". Near the end of the second season, Newhart was re-tooled and Dick began hosting a low-rated talk show on the town's local television station.


What was the name of the local talk show Bob hosted?

Bob hosted Vermont Today. Eventually he had a relentlessly hyper-cheerful and annoying co-host.


Dick Loudin’s wife was portrayed by Mary Frann, what was her character’s name?

Mary Frann portrayed Joanna Loudin, Dick’s wife.


Joanna Loudin’s wife also worked. What did she do for a job?

Joanna Loudin operates the 200-year-old Stratford Inn.


Tom Poston played the Stratford’s hard-working, but somewhat dim handyman. What was the character’s name?

George Utley is the name of the hard-working, but somewhat dim handyman.


What was the name of the fabulously rich, world-class skier who takes a job of hotel maid “to find out what it’s like to be average"?

Leslie Vanderkellen was cheerful, industrious, and an honor student at nearby Dartmouth College. Although she didn’t need the money, she took the job “to find out what it’s like to be average.” She appeared in the first season and was replaced by her cousin Stephanie Vanderkellen in the second season.


Stephanie Vanderkellen is a spoiled rich girl cut off by her parents at the beginning of Season two. She takes on her cousin’s job as a maid at the Stratford Inn. What is the name of the actress who portrays Stephanie?

The correct answer is Julia Duffy. She portrayed Stephanie Vanderkellen, a quintessential yuppie. All the other names were characters on the show as well. Jennifer Holmes played Stephanie’s cousin in the first season. Kathy Kinney played Prudence Goddard, the prim but hot-to-trot librarian. Julie Brown played Buffy Denver, the hyper-cheerful and annoying co-host on Dick’s talk show.


Stephanie Vanderkellen found her soul-mate in the superficial Michael Harris, what actor portrayed this character?

Peter Scolari played Michael Harris, the hyperactive, manipulative producer of Dick’s local TV show and boyfriend to Stephanie. William Sanderson, Tony Papenfuss, John Vodstad playes these characters: "Hi, I'm Larry; this is my brother Darryl, and this is my other brother Darryl."


The dry erase board in Michael's apartment always lists what among his daily tasks?

The dry erase board in Michael's apartment always lists "Take Over CBS" (the network which originally aired the series) among his daily tasks.


“Hi, I’m Larry; and this is my brother Daryl, and this is my other brother Daryl.” Who is being described?

The correct answer is the backwoods brothers who live in a shack down the road.


These favorite backwoods brothers started out as recurring characters but became regulars on the series when they bought what?

The backwoods brothers who lived in a shack took over The Minuteman Café and became regulars on the series.


What was the name of the character who sold the Minuteman Café?

Kirk Devane (Seasons 1–2) would never be called divine. He is a chronic liar who owns the Minuteman Café across from the inn, and is infatuated with Leslie. He eventually marries and sells the Minuteman Café to Larry, Daryl and Daryl.


Kirk Devane marries Cindy Parker who has an interesting occupation, what is it?

Cindy Parker who marries Kirk Devane is a professional clown.


Favorite episodes! What was the name of the episode where Dick unwillingly becomes the sidekick and target of mockery of an insult comic hired to host WPIV's new late night talk show?

The correct answer is The Nice Man Cometh. In that episode, the insult comic was none other than the comedian Don Rickles.


The series finale was one of the most popular finale episodes of all time. In it, Japanese investors buy everything in town except the Stratford Inn and convert the town into a giant golf course. However, the final scene in the finale was the most memorable, how did the episode end?

The series finale was watched by 29.5 million viewers, bringing in an 18.7/29 rating/share, and ranked as the most watched program that week. In the final episode Bob, as Dr. Robert Hartley, wakes up in his bedroom and tells Emily about the dream he had of living in an inn in Vermont. In the finale the Darryl brothers speak for the first time on screen (loudly yelling "QUIET!" at their wives in unison).


There’s always one last joke. In the ending credits what does the kitten in the MTM logo do?

The kitten’s meow is voiced by Bob Newhart in the ending credits of every episode.


At the beginning of the series, the opening credits of the Bob Newhart Show begins with Bob picking up the phone and saying “Hello?” do you know why?

The opening credits with Bob picking up the phone and saying “Hello?” was a nod to his stand-up comedy routine where he takes a phone onstage with him. The audience hears his one-sided phone hilarious conversation.


The receptionist, Carol Kester, was a memorable character, or was she? What was the actress's name?

Marcia Wallace portrayed the kooky receptionist at Bob’s office. Teri Garr was in the Bob Newhart Show as well, as Dr. Walburn's receptionist. Julia Duffy was a character actress on the Newharts.


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