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Whether you're a Saul Goodman super-fan or just need a quick refresher before Season 2, put yourself to the test with our "Better Call Saul" quiz!

In what city is Saul working (as a Cinnabon manager) at the start of episode 1?

Saul has changed his name to Gene and is living alone in Omaha.


What is Saul Goodman's real name?

As we discover in a flashback, "Saul Goodman" is actually just a play on "S'all good, man."


As Jimmy is heading to his car in the first episode, he walks past what will become Saul Goodman's vehicle in "Breaking Bad". What type of vehicle is it, and what car does Jimmy drive? (Jimmy's car is listed first.)

Jimmy drives a yellow 1998 Suzuki Esteem with a red door; Saul Goodman drives a white Cadillac DeVille during "Breaking Bad."


What is the name of the couple Jimmy McGill pursues as clients early in the first season?

Craig and Betsy Kettleman eventually choose a rival firm to represent them.


For what crime are the Kettlemans accused?

Craig Kettleman was the county treasurer and fell under investigation when $1.6 million turned up missing in the treasurer's office.


Jimmy's brother Chuck is a partner in what law firm?

Chuck is the "McGill" in Hamlin Hamlin & McGill.


From what malady does Chuck suffer?

As Jimmy puts it, Chuck is "allergic to electricity." However, it seems to be psychosomatic.


Who is Jimmy's closest friend in Albuquerque?

Jimmy and Kim became friends (and lovers?) while he was working in the mail room at HHM.


From what university did Jimmy McGill receive his law degree?

While working in the mail room, Jimmy secretly takes correspondence classes at the University of American Samoa, and eventually passes the bar.


Where is Mike Ehrmantraut working when Jimmy first meets him?

By the end of the first season, Mike has begun working in his more familiar role of "fixer."


In what city did Mike work as a police officer?

Mike worked for the Philadelphia police for 30 years, before retiring early and eventually fleeing to Albuquerque after a revenge killing.


What was Jimmy's nickname in Illinois, and in what city did he live?

Slippin' Jimmy worked as con artist when he lived in Cicero, Illinois.


In what type of law did Jimmy try to specialize during season one?

Jimmy starts visiting retirement homes and running bingo games to find elderly clients in need of wills and living trusts.


The Kettlemans bribe Jimmy with $30K after he finds them in the woods after faking their own kidnapping. What does he do with the money?

Jimmy buys Howard Hamlin's suits, styles himself to look like him, and buys a billboard featuring his picture and the logo "JMM" in the same font as "HHM." He also leases a new office space.


Who represents Nacho after he is arrested for allegedly kidnapping the Kettlemans?

Jimmy represents Nacho after his arrest, and eventually gets him off by proving the Kettlemans weren't kidnapped.


Where were the Kettlemans hiding the stolen money?

It's not in the banana stand, we'll tell you that! Mike sprays black light paint on the money, makes it look like the Kettleman kids were playing with it by putting it in a remote controlled truck, and then, after Craig returns the bills, follows the paint smears to their hiding place, under a bathroom sink.


Jimmy has a few crazy clients, one of whom wants to secede from the United States. What is his name?

Big Ricky Sipes offers to pay Jimmy $1 million bills with his picture on them.


While focusing on elder law, Jimmy always wears a light-colored suit. What famous television attorney is he trying to emulate?

Jimmy dresses like Matlock to gain the trust of his elderly clients.


Jimmy organizes a con with two skateboarders in order to convince the Kettlemans to hire him. At whose home do they all end up?

The skateboarders choose the wrong car, ending up at the home of drug-dealer Tuco's grandmother.


At first, Tuco wants to kill the skateboarders for insulting his "abuelita." What punishment does Jimmy talk him down to?

Jimmy convinces Tuco that death is too strong a punishment for the skateboarders. In the end, he breaks one of their legs.


What is "Nacho's" real name?

Ignacio "Nacho" Varga is a member of the Juarez Cartel. His boss is Tuco Salamanca.


Whose "sex toilet" said things like, "Give it to me, Chandler, I want it all!"?

Roland Jaycox invented the toilet as a toilet-training tool for his children, and wanted Jimmy's help with a patent. Jimmy called it a sex toilet as he left their meeting in disgust.


Who killed Mike's son Matty, and why?

Matty's partner and sergeant killed him because they didn't trust him, after Matty initially refused to split a bribe. Matty took the money eventually, but it was too late. Mike killed his son's murderers in revenge.


Who said, "I've known good criminals and bad cops. Bad priests, honorable thieves. You can be on one side of the law or the other. But if you make a deal with somebody, you keep your word"?

Mike says this to Pryce, a first-time prescription drug dealer, after he claims that he isn't a "bad guy".


Who is the dealer on the other side of Pryce's first drug deal (for which Mike acts as bodyguard)?

Nacho is the drug dealer working "off the reservation" in the deal with Pryce.


When Jimmy tells him he is giving up his conman ways, who says, "It's like watching Miles Davis give up the trumpet"?

Marco is Jimmy's former partner-in-crime from his Cicero days. They go on a binge when Jimmy returns to Cicero after a falling-out with his brother, but the week is cut short when Marco unexpectedly dies in the middle of a con.


While adopting a dog for his granddaughter Kaylee, Mike gets some work. Who gets him the job?

The same veterinarian who sewed Mike up when he first arrived in Albuquerque also hooks him up with his bodyguard gig.


What nursing home is the catalyst for Jimmy's first big case, which he eventually shares with his brother?

Jimmy has many clients at Sandpiper Crossing Assisted Living Center. When he discovers that they are being systematically overcharged, he launches an investigation that eventually leads to a multi-million dollar lawsuit.


When Jimmy returns to Sandpiper Crossing after discovering that they are overcharging clients, he hears shredding taking place. Is he able to recover these documents?

Jimmy dumpster-dives to find the shredded documents, eventually discovering that they are actually in the recycling. He spends all night trying to piece together a few key papers, a task his brother finishes for him.


To what was Jimmy referring when he said, "Hail Satan, I submit to the dark side?"

The retirement home's lawyers were burying Jimmy and Chuck in paperwork. Chuck told Jimmy they had to take the case to Hamlin Hamlin & McGill, and Jimmy finally conceded.


When Jimmy and Chuck bring the case to HHM, all Jimmy asks for is an office next to Chuck. Why doesn't Howard Hamlin give it to him?

Chuck uses Jimmy's cell phone to call Howard and demands that he not allow Jimmy to join the firm. Howard takes the blame until Jimmy finds the call on his cell phone, at which point he confronts his brother.


Who said, "Slippin' Jimmy with a law degree is like a chimp with a machine gun?"

After being confronted by Jimmy about the deleted phone call to Howard, Chuck lets Jimmy have it, saying that he doesn't consider Jimmy to be "a real lawyer". Chuck thinks Jimmy's correspondence course degree from the University of American Samoa was a joke, and that Jimmy wasn't his equal because Chuck had worked to get where he was. As a result, Jimmy goes on a bender in Cicero.


During his Bingo rant in the "Marco" episode, Jimmy mentioned that he would love to visit this country, the name of which would become his euphemism for death in "Breaking Bad". Which country was it?

When Walter White was having trouble with his DEA brother-in-law, Hank, Saul suggested that Walt could send Hank to Belize. Walt rejected the idea, saying, "I'll send YOU to Belize."


Who gives Jimmy his pinky ring?

At Marco's funeral, Jimmy is wearing Marco's ring. Jimmy reveals that Marco's mother gave it to him.


HHM gives the Piper Crossing case to an even bigger firm in Santa Fe, and they want Jimmy because his clients miss him. Jimmy goes to the courthouse to meet the lawyers from the new firm. What happens as he hurries toward the building?

Jimmy turns around and leaves the courthouse parking lot. In season one, Jimmy struggles with morality. Slippin' Jimmy was a conman, but as a lawyer Jimmy helps elderly people and starts a class-action suit on their behalf. When will Jimmy McGill become Saul Goodman? We'll have to wait for season two to find out!


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