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It's no surprise that the legendary band The Beatles influenced fellow musicians, artists, music lovers, and many others since the time they burst into the pop culture scene decades ago. Their influence still extends up to this time. Are you a huge fan of the group? Take this quiz and find out just how much you know about them!

The Beatles became prominent during which decade?

The 1960s was characterized with so many political, social and cultural upheavals that impacted people globally.

Which country was The Beatles from?

The men met in England during their teens.

Where in England did The Beatles originate from?

Liverpool is a city considered as a metropolitan borough.

You could say he is the focal point why The Beatles came together as a musical group.

John Lennon formed The Beatles from the remnants of his previous bands.

Which Beatle became the second prominent member of the band?

Paul McCartney joined John's earlier band when he was only 15 years old.

Who was the third Beatle to officially join the grouping?

George was underage when he first played with John and Paul.

He is the last Beatle to officially become a member.

Ringo Starr auditioned since the former drummers just couldn’t cut it.

Before settling with The Beatles, this name was the one the band used in several early gigs.

It’s a good thing that they finally settled for the better name for the band prior to recording formally.

Aside from playing around the UK, the Beatles’ first foray was in this German place.

Hamburg is the second largest city in Germany, hence a good place to start building a career.

This record store owner encountered by the Beatles hit it off with the band, enough for them to make him their first and longtime band manager.

Epstein fashioned and guided the Beatles we all know now.

He is the producer who first worked with the Beatles in their first recording attempts.

Martin was intstrumental in bringing the group’s music on the airwaves.

Martin signed up the Beatles in this EMI label.

Parlophone Records is now under Warner Music.

Martin produced this song which became the group’s first single.

The song came out in 1962.

The Beatles’ first album ever is entitled this.

Prior to this album, the earlier Beatles formation was included in the recording of Tony Sheridan’s My Bonnie album.

Epstein encouraged the Beatles to professionalize their look, but the band retained this signature haircut of theirs.

The mop-top was frowned upon by adults, but the younger generation loved it.

The Beatles also had a signature type of footwear at the beginning of their career. What was it?

Their signature boot had Cuban heels.

This fourth single of the Beatles became the fastest-selling single at the time it was released.

The single sold a million copies so fast, evidence of the growing popularity of the band in their home country.

This is the term coined for the huge and crazy fan frenzy that surrounded the Beatles early on in their career, which lasted for a long time.

Using "mania" to describe the fan frenzy following a popular pubic figure did not originate from the Beatles, nor did it end with them either.

This sophomore album by the Beatles was released in 1963, just months after the debut.

The album featured original compositions and cover tracks from various artists.

This Chuck Berry original was covered by the Beatles in their sophomore album.

The Beatles covered songs that had huge musical influences on their own sound and persona as musicians.

When the group became truly famous, they were also called by this nickname.

The Fab Four was very well-known worldwide.

In an infamous interview, John Lennon quipped that they were more popular than this figure already.

In an interview, which they said was taken out of context, Lennon said that “they were more popular than Jesus” so Bible-toting people were not at all pleased.

Due to the gaining popularity of the Beatles in the airwaves, the media coined this phrase when they went to North America.

After the Beatles, other British acts followed, hence the continued invasion.

The Beatles’ first US TV appearance was in this popular television program.

The Fab Four appeared on the show before touring the US and before leaving the country.

It’s the first time a band had a motion picture deal seen for the huge potential of the soundtracks that these films will have. Which record company though of this deal?

The Beatles signed a 3-picture deal with United Artists.

What is the title of their very first film?

The film just basically followed the Beatles’ adventures in a mock documentary kind of feel.

It is said that this legendary American folk singer-songwriter introduced the band to marijuana.

Bob Dylan was just awarded the 2016 Nobel Prize for Literature.

This psychedelic drug is also reported to have had a creative effect on the Beatles when they tried making music while under its influence.

With the introduction of marijuana and LSD in their systems, the Beatles also altered their musical output during the mid-1960s onwards.

The second film to feature the band was called this.

Like the first film, this one was also directed by Richard Lester.

This album is said to have been the product of many types of creative experimentation by the band members, including the use of psychedelic drugs.

Sgt. Pepper has a very influential and revolutionary sound that went beyond borders of pop culture.

Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band is said to be one of the earliest examples, if not the most defining one, of this kind of album production.

The Beach Boys’ concept album Pet Sounds in 1966 and The Beatles’ Sgt. Pepper in 1967 were early examples of concept albums now being done regularly in the pop music world.

During the height of their popularity, Epstein declined an invitation from this controversial Asian political figure which led to the Beatles being unceremoniously booed off that country.

Former First Lady Imelda Marcos wanted a special breakfast with the Fab Four, and her supporters didn’t like it that their idol was snubbed.

Eastern culture also had a profound influence on the group during the 1960s. Which eastern musical instrument did they use in their subsequent recordings?

It was George Harrison who used the sitar, and he trained under the sitar maestro for that.

This animated film featured cartoonish equivalents of the Fab Four, as well as original music from them.

Yellow Submarine was premiered in early 1968, but its soundtrack was released months after its screening.

In what year did The Beatles officially disband?

The members collaborated with some of the others in separate instances after the break-up, but not altogether. End of an era indeed.

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