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Hollywood hotties are as legendary as the roles they portray onscreen. We'll give you the names of their popular cinematic characters, and you tell us who these daring dudes are! Deal? Then let's get groovin'!

He played Rambo and Rocky. 'Nuf said! Who's this movie macho man?

You couldn't get any more macho at the movies than Sylvester Stallone. Up to now, he's still doing some action stuff!

He was The Terminator and Conan The Barbarian. Who is this former bodybuilder-turned-actor-turned-politician?

Arnold Schwarzenegger put his muscles to good use when he landed in America. His filmography extends to decades, and many of his movies are timeless.

While he's memorable in "Armageddon" and "Sin City," he's best known as John McClane in the "Die Hard" film series. Who is he?

Bruce Willis was mostly a comedic actor on TV prior to being given a big action break at the movies. The "Die Hard" series proved his action hero cred.

Though he's had quite a career playing good guys in "Top Gun," "Risky Business," "A Few Good Men," and "Rain Man," his action star cred built up as Ethan Hunt in the "Mission: Impossible" film series. Who is he?

Tom Cruise has had a wonderful career making movies. Now if that could only rub off on his love life...

Sometimes he plays The Huntsman in the Snow White-related films, but most times he plays Thor. Who is he?

Chris Hemsworth is fine being typecast as the Thor type. His build and muscles can carry him over.

He got a career reboot as an action hero playing Iron Man and Sherlock Holmes. Who is he?

Robert Downey Jr.'s personality now fits his Tony Stark character in Iron Man. He's also a natural at leading The Avengers.

He's Indiana Jones and he's also Han Solo in the "Star Wars" saga. So who is this living legend?

Harrison Ford is in a lot of movies lately that are reboots or continuations of what he did decades ago. Indiana Jones kind of started that, and then "Star Wars," and now the new Blade Runner reboot.

He's Harry Callahan, a.k.a. Dirty Harry, who also appeared in spaghetti westerns like "A Fistful of Dollars" as the Man With No Name. Can you name this dude, punk?

Clint Eastwood was as gruff as you can get, in terms of being a Hollywood macho man. But his gruffness works for the drama and the action roles he portrays.

This Drunken Master is a Hong Kong martial arts star, as well as a Hollywood star with films like "Rush Hour" and "Shanghai Noon." Who is this action comedy hero?

Jackie Chan has a good career doing action films in Hong Kong. But it took a while for him to transition to Hollywood, where his influence is really humongous.

He was the original Mad Max and the one and only Braveheart -- as well as the filmic Martin Riggs of the "Lethal Weapon" series. Who is he?

Mel Gibson kind of fell off the Hollywood radar when he got into a controversial encounter with law enforcers and used swear words. Hollywood sometimes remembers such antics more...

He displayed his martial arts skills in many action films but he's memorable in his portrayal as the vampire daywalker in the Blade film series. Who is he?

Wesley Snipes is a trained martial artist in real life. This really helps in being an action hero in Hollywood.

He could play a variety of action-oriented roles like Gladiator and Robin Hood, but his dramatic roles are also good. Who is he?

Russell Crowe can truly act in a variety of movie genres. He also appeared as Jor-El, the father of Superman, so he can do daddy roles.

He earned his action hero cred with "Speed" first, then graduated with being Neo in "The Matrix" films. Who is he?

Keanu Reeves somehow cemented his action hero image when he trained in martial arts for "The Matrix" films. And hey, it worked!

He started out playing bumbling action heroes, like in "Wanted" with Angelina Jolie, but soon graduated into being the young and savvy Professor X in the "X-Men" reboot films. Who is he?

James McAvoy is good at playing American roles. However, he is really Scottish in real life. Where'd the accent go?

He was a bad boy, in "Men in Black," and the one who fought aliens in "Independence Day." Who is he?

Will Smith's foray into films was a bit accidental. As a rapper guesting on a TV show, he blurted out that he wanted movies -- and some casting directors were listening.

He was on duty in "Baywatch," "San Andreas," "Central Intelligence," and "GI Joe." Who is this former pro wrestler turned movie action hero?

Dwayne Johnson proved to the world that he could also flex his acting muscles at the movies. He can play drama, comedy, and, of course, high-fuel action!

He's Xander Cage in "xXx" and Dominic Toretto in the "Fast and the Furious" films. Who is he?

Will anyone believe that Vin Diesel turned 50 in 2017? But he still rocks at the movies!

He played mostly dramatic parts early in his career, like "The Talented Mr. Ripley," but he also stepped into Jason Bourne's shoes in "The Bourne Identity." Who is he?

Matt Damon broke into the Hollywood scene as a scriptwriter, alongside his buddy, Ben Affleck. He's come a long way, baby!

Another dramatic actor who later became a bona fide action hero in the "Taken" movies is this Irish actor. Who is he?

Liam Neeson likes playing daddy roles. But tandem that with action plots and that's another thing he recently likes.

While he played the supporting role for "Wonder Woman," he takes the lead of the USS Enterprise as Capt. James T. Kirk in the "Star Trek" reboot films. Who is he?

Chris Pine comes from a long line of acting in his blood. But he was an English major in Berkeley.

The latest Man of Steel is this dude who also starred in "The Man From U.N.C.L.E." Who is he?

Henry Cavill appears angsty as the newest Superman. But it works for the kind of plot lines the Kryptonian finds himself in lately...

He was the Universal Soldier and the Timecop, but his European charms and knuckles are best known in "Bloodsport." Who is he?

Jean Claude Van Damme recently made heads turn again when he did his famous split pose for a TV commercial. But that style already sold out many movies decades ago.

Mostly a dramatic and comedic actor in his homeland of Spain, this hottie became a Hollywood hero playing Zorro in "The Mask of Zorro." Who is he?

Antonio Banderas had a wonderful film career in Spain before Hollywood beckoned. Check out "Tie Me Up, Tie Me Down" to see a different side of him.

This former child actor, who grew up to play the American Psycho, also played Batman in Christopher Nolan's versions. Who is he?

Christian Bale's childhood was spent playing and acting on film sets like "Empire of the Sun." It's a good thing he grew up wiser than other Hollywood kids who went haywire.

From being a teen rapper to Hollywood action hero royalty, this funky dude was in "The Italian Job," "Planet of the Apes," and "Transformers." Who is he?

Mark Wahlberg used to headline Marky Mark and the Funky Bunch in an attempt to become musically famous like his elder brother, Donnie. Donnie was part of New Kids on the Block.

Even if he's a man of words like Jean Valjean, he's best remembered as a man of action playing Wolverine in different X-Men-related films. Who is he?

Hugh Jackman can do comedy, drama, musicals, and action films. Just what can't he do?

This former lawyer earned his Hollywood action hero cred playing King Leonidas in "300," and later the defender of the terrorized in "Olympus Has Fallen" and "London Has Fallen." Who is he?

Gerard Butler is one of the latest Scottish actors who have found success in Hollywood. He's been there for a while, but it was "300" which made him a household name.

He's the hubby in "Mr. and Mrs. Smith," one of the Inglorious Basterds, and of course Tyler Durden in "Fight Club." Who is this sensitive but beautiful macho man?

Brad Pitt has come a long way since appearing as that hunky cowboy Thelma and Louise picked up on the road. Good for him!

This young action star, who starred in the "Fast and the Furious" films about car racing, accidentally died in a car crash. Who is he?

Paul Walker was inside a sports car when he died. It's ironic for someone whose biggest role as a macho man is that of a car racer...

He has been Scarface and The Devil's Advocate, as well as the heir to the throne of "The Godfather." Who is this Hollywood royalty?

Al Pacino can also do comedy and drama. This man is just a macho movie legend.

From playing James Bond in "From Russia With Love" and "Goldfinger" to Allan Quatermaine in "League of Extraordinary Gentlemen," this Scottish gentleman can also handle the action. Who is he?

Sean Connery has retired from acting in action films. But he had a great career!

In "Pulp Fiction, he's Jules Winnfield. In "The Avengers" films, he's Nick Fury. Who is this bad bro?

Samuel L. Jackson plays a host of different types of macho men in the movies. He's versatile that way.

He was the Ghost Rider and The Sorcerer's Apprentice, sorta. Who is this Hollywood heart throb?

Nicolas Cage has enjoyed a healthy mix of roles throughout his career. He can do really good action flicks, too.

This Hong Kong martial arts star also had Hollywood fame in "Enter The Dragon." Who is this master fighter?

Bruce Lee was actually a child actor before he hit it big as an adult. He also comes from a long line of entertainers.

He reigned in "Bullitt" and "The Great Escape," as well as the race car driver in "Le Mans" -- a role he also liked playing in real life. Who is this Hollywood legend?

Steve McQueen was an enthusiastic race car driver in real life. No wonder his most famous scene is that car chase sequence in Bullitt.

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