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Many of the '80s teen sex comedies haven't aged well, but "Revenge of the Nerds," for all of the now-disturbing jokes, still has an important place in pop culture. If you think your nerd cred needs validation, then it's time to have fun with the "Nerd" quiz!

This was the original big problem in the movie.

The Alpha Betas were having a wild party. One of them tried a fire-breathing trick, and presto! The frat house burned down!

What was Takashi's secret to winning the drink-and-bike race?

The nerds had a trick up their sleeves: a chemical that could remove the effects of alcohol. No matter how much beer Takashi drank, he wouldn't get sloshed.

In real life, the crew went to the University of Arizona to film the "Revenge of the Nerds." However, it was known by this name in the movie.

Filming at the University of Arizona for the fictional Adams College nearly didn't happen after the school officials read the script. However, things worked out, and they even had students come in as extras.

One of the lead nerds, Lewis Skolnick, is played by this actor, a member of Hollywood royalty.

Robert Carradine is the "nice guy" in the Carradine family. He was also Sam, Lizzie McGuire's dad. Unbelievably, he also plays a tracker in "Django Unchained," maybe to follow a family tradition of playing cowboy roles.

Remember, it's the '80s. What did Booger do to Takashi while painting the house?

Back then, you needed stoner jokes for a teen movie. This scene with Takashi passing out when Booger made him smoke pot sets up for a party scene later in the movie.

All the nerds were very smart, but what made Wormser different?

All the other people in the nerd crew are just about the right age for college - except Wormser. He's so smart, he's in college when he should be in high school. And yeah, he appreciates shenanigans already!

When the nerds go on the offensive, they choose "liquid heat" massage oil as their weapon, using it on these.

Massage oil generates a lot of heat when you apply it to sore parts of the body. If you make jockstraps wet with it, let's just say that's a lot of "cooked eggs."

Nice guy Gilbert Lowe is played by Anthony Edwards. Funny enough, he also plays the lovable nerd-like character in this movie about fighter pilots.

Most people don't connect that Edwards is Goose in "Top Gun," the awkward, geeky co-pilot for Maverick, Tom Cruise's character. Edwards had a bigger role - and lost a lot of hair - as Dr. Mark Greene in the TV show, "ER."

Do you remember that honking, spastic laugh that the lead nerds had? Well, nerd-dad actor James Cromwell said that his accidental inspiration was this.

James Cromwell probably didn't mean it, but he patterned that honking laugh after his then-wife's laughter. He only realized it was his wife's later on. By that time, he'd taught everybody else how to do it.

This was Booger's amazing skill during the fraternity contests.

Booger's beer belch beat the heck out of Ogre's in terms of length of time. Behind the scenes, it was supposedly a mix of a camel and a person's belch.

This is the classic frat thing that the Tri-Lambda boys did to get back at the Alpha Betas' sorority ally, the Pi Delta Pi.

Though it wouldn't fly these days on film, frats do raids on sorority houses. The aim would be to get at least one or two panties, as proof that they really did do it. The film doesn't show if they were returned.

The drill the Tri-Lambda nerds used to install hidden cameras was a success because of this.

The drill the nerds used had a silencer they invented. In real life, drills have become quieter, because of the use of better mechanical designs.

Booger is played by Curtis Armstrong, and it's kinda funny since there was one thing he refused to do at first. What was it?

Armstrong said he did not want to pick his nose at first. It's good thing he decided to dig in to his schnoz, since Booger was one of his iconic roles.

This famous victory song was used at the end of the movie.

It looks a bit hokey now, but the nerds of Tri-Lambda won people's hearts for just being who they were. And Queen's "We are the Champions" made the feeling of the last scene even better for nerds around the world.

Again, it's the '80s. This is what made Lambda Lambda Lambda different from the other national fraternities.

The nerd crew applied to an all-black fraternity. Of course, they had at least one black member, the glamorously gay Lamar.

This is a now-iffy scene, where one of the nerds used this sorta-kinda sci-fi costume to fool a Pi Delta Pi girl into playing some, err, hooky.

While the costume, as shown, was not really Darth Vader, it looked enough like one to let people know what it was supposed to be. But it was his performance with his, uh, saber that won the day.

John Goodman played this in the movie, and it was very different from most of the roles that we know him for now.

John Goodman would later be known as Dan Conner, from the TV series "Roseanne." He also voiced good-guy characters in Disney movies, like Sulley from "Monsters, Inc." Not bad for a guy who played a jerky coach!

This was the sorority partner of Lambda Lambda Lambda.

Omega Mu was the girl version of the nerd crew. They were Ugly Betties before Ugly Betty came along. The sorority name has become a bit of slang for uncool groups of girls in some places. Thankfully, the term has gone out of style.

This is the nickname of the association of fraternities at Adams College.

The association for the various fraternities and sororities in the school was known as the Greek Council. This is due to the use of Greek letters for the names of fraternities. Today, the term is still used across some campuses.

Brian Tochi plays this with his role as Takashi Toshiro.

Brian Toshi portrayed the clueless but smart Japanese stereotype in "Revenge of the Nerds." He played the same character type in the "Police Academy" movies.

Talk about life imitating art! This make-believe frat became a real one later on.

Lambda Lambda Lambda is a real fraternity organization now, with chapters in some schools. The home chapter is at the University of Connecticut. It devotes itself to brotherhood and appreciation of pop culture.

It may be soft and swishy, but this custom-built equipment helped Lamar win a contest.

Javelins are usually rigid sticks. But in Lamar's case, the nerds made a floppy one, so that Lamar's bouncy feminine run could be maximized. And win he did!

The Alpha Betas aren't that dumb, but doing this after their house burned down isn't exactly smart.

Ogre roasting some marshmallows with Pi girls using burning house bits established that they were dumb jerks in general. And they were probably stone-drunk.

During the school fair, the Tri-Lambs were outselling everybody in the pie sales. This was why.

The Tri-Lambs did more than watch girls with the hidden cameras they installed in the Pi house. They took nude snapshots, and then printed them out as the bottom of pie plates. Revenge can be disturbingly sweet.

Donald Gibb plays Ogre, and he actually loves playing Ogre-types in movies, TV shows and commercials, including one for this famous action film.

Donald Gibb plays Ray Jackson, an American fighter, in the movie "Bloodsport." There, he plays an adult version of Ogre, though he tends to be less of a bully.

Do you remember Poindexter, the violin nerd with the thick glasses? Timothy Busfield, the actor playing him, needed this, because the glasses were that thick.

Busfield literally had a companion guide him if necessary while he was wearing the character's glasses. It's a case of being blind with glasses on!

James Cromwell may play the proto-nerd dad in this movie, but he also played Farmer Arthur Hoggett in this farmyard fantasy.

James Cromwell can look serious and introspective - and still be funny! As Farmer Hoggett, he was a hit as the gentle farmer who owned the pig, Babe.

So, we have been talking about Lambda Lambda Lambda, and it turns out that their name is also a joke, aimed at this controversial organization.

Just as HAL from "2001: A Space Odyssey" is one letter ahead of IBM, the Tri-Lambs - LLL - is one letter after the KKK. It's one of the darker jokes in the movie.

This is what Robert Carradine supposedly did to get into character.

Robert Carradine was serious about the role, so he prepared by dressing up as a nerd as much as possible. He even went to the University of Arizona ahead of the crew to get familiar with the campus.

Lamar, the wonderfully gay nerd played by Larry Scott, was so famous that the actor took up a tough guy role in this other famous '80s teen film.

Scott did many other guy's guy roles because people actually believed he was gay. He also went into dramatic projects because of it. Talk about having to man up!

Why did Lewis say the following immortal line: “All jocks ever think about is sports, but all nerds ever think about is sex"?

Lewis said this after finally sleeping with Betty, one of the beautiful Pi girls. She was very impressed with his skills in bed. Perhaps all that thinking paid off.

When Ogre first sees the nerds, he does this, aside from calling the nerds out.

It is a spot-on moment for how crazy Ogre is. He was holding someone by the ankles from the roof balcony of the frat house, and seeing Lewis and Gilbert made him drop the guy - just so he could shout at them.

Booger did this to win the arm wrestling contest.

In one of the funnier and more disgusting moments in the film, Booger did an instant pick and roll with his nose, and then held the hand of the girl he was up against. It's no surprise he won!

When it was time for the stage presentation contest, the Tri-Lambs did this.

If anything will date "Revenge of the Nerds" as an '80s film, it would be this musical number. Old-school electronic music, rap, clapping choir on the side and the neon lights in the background make it a perfect music video.

Lewis and Gilbert had another thing they brought from home that was sadly underused in the film. What was it?

It’s the classic mad scientist and nerd badge - the robot they made themselves. Sadly, it would appear in only a few scenes, notably where it scares the hell out of Poindexter when cleaning the floor.

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