Test Your Automotive Knowledge with This Car Quiz!

By Torrance Grey on April 23, 2018

About This Quiz

Cars: In certain countries, they outnumber humans. They represent freedom (except from car payments), status and personal taste. Entire magazines and TV shows are devoted to them. But how much do you know about this machine that is so essential to 21st-century life?

The idea for a machine-powered cart or carriage predates the first actual automobiles by nearly 200 years. The first real production car rolled off the line in Germany; not long after, the USA was also a major force in automaking. Before long, the two-stroke engine and the carriage it powered was becoming far more complex. It needed a variety of support systems: engine lubrication and cooling, proper suspension (protection for the car's frame on rough roads and/or at high speeds), and safety features for the passengers. That's not to mention all the things that make riding in a car more enjoyable, from climate-control systems to music players.

Our quiz tests you on the inner workings of the automobile: the engine and its support systems. It'll also test your knowledge of automotive history: some key figures in it, and on a few historic car brands. So -- do you bleed 92 octane? Take our quiz now and find out how big a car aficionado you really are!

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