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"The Rock," the action-packed film directed by Michael Bay, is one of the runaway adventure hits of 1996. While a bit clunky for critics, adrenaline fans gave it much love. Think you can find a path to the right answers in this quiz? Then climb on up and find out!

"The Rock" pertains to what kind of structure?

"The Rock" is a nickname for an island that’s found just off the San Francisco Bay Area. It’s huge enough to have buildings built there.


“The Rock” is the nickname of an island. What is its real name?

Alcatraz Island has a lighthouse structure built on it. It served an important purpose in the early 1900s for seafarers.


Alcatraz Island is also known for having this kind of government-run structure built on it. What kind of structure is it?

Alcatraz Island’s military structure has a long history of being a prison for several uses. Civil War prisoners were incarcerated there, and later the most notorious federal criminals, such as gangster Al Capone, were put on the island.


This star of "Ghost Rider" leads the cast of visiting Alcatraz people for a special mission.

Nicolas Cage headlines the cast of "The Rock." His real last name is Coppola, and he is the cousin of Sophia and Roman Coppola. Their father, Francis Ford Coppola, is his uncle.


Nicolas Cage plays a lab rat biochemist working for the government. In which government agency is he working?

Nicolas Cage is Stanley Goodspeed, a biochemist working for the Federal Bureau of Investigation. He works mainly in the lab, though.


Since Agent Goodspeed is a biochemist for the FBI, his specialization is knowing and detecting these kinds of weapons.

Agent Goodspeed is the FBI’s top chemical weapons expert. In this age of biological warfare, he is one useful fella to have around.


Nicolas Cage also stars with this older actor who formerly played James Bond in his youth. Who is he?

Sean Connery was a certified action hero during his James Bond 007 days. In "The Rock," he plays Capt. John Mason.


The Rock is basically about a group of disgruntled people who took over Alcatraz Island demanding the government for money. What kind of people are they?

A group of highly trained US Marine specialist soldiers took over "The Rock" in exchange for some demands. But since they’re highly trained for combat, the government needed extra help to stop them.


The US Marines who took over Alcatraz Island threaten to release rockets with chemical poison, targeting the San Francisco Bay Area, if their demands aren’t met. In which state is this target located?

San Francisco is located in California. Specifically, it’s in the northern part of the state.


When it ceased to be a prison facility, the structures on Alcatraz Island were reopened to the public and given another purpose. What was it?

Alcatraz Island is accessible to visitors after it was converted into a viable tourist attraction in San Francisco. There are many types of tours offered there.


When the US Marines took over Alcatraz, they also took civilians as hostages. What kind of civilians were taken hostage?

The tourists who were visiting Alcatraz for a day got shocked when they were put inside the prison cells, and locked for real. The rebelling Marines used them as leverage to make demands from the government.


Brigadier General Frank Hummel, the US Marine who led fellow Marines to seize Alcatraz, was demanding $100 million as compensation for his unrecognized fallen soldiers in Operation Desert Storm. In which West Asian country did this operation take place?

Operation Desert Storm led to the Gulf War, which took place in Iraq.


In response to the situation, the FBI assembled a team to infiltrate Alcatraz and stop Gen. Hummel’s plan. What is Agent Goodspeed’s role in this team?

Agent Goodspeed will be led by a team of Navy Seals inside Alcatraz. They will clear the way for him to defuse the rockets with the chemical gas installed inside.


Sean Connery’s character, John Mason, is also needed in the FBI’s Alcatraz infiltration team because of his previous experience on the island. What was this experience?

John Mason is an elderly ex-con who was imprisoned in Alcatraz during its heyday.


When Agent Goodspeed learned that San Francisco might get bombed, he got worried because he had someone special visiting him there. Who was this person?

Agent Goodspeed had to leave behind his girlfriend to travel to San Francisco but encouraged her to follow so they could be together there. So, of course, that puts extra pressure on him to get his job done.


Aside from his girlfriend traveling to San Francisco on the brink of a madman threatening to bomb it, Agent Goodspeed is extra pressured due to his girlfriend’s current state. What is it?

Agent Goodspeed’s girlfriend, Carla, is pregnant with his child. This poses another level of pressure.


The FBI wanted former Alcatraz prisoner John Mason to share his firsthand tunnel so they could infiltrate it. Aside from being a former inmate, why is Mason so knowledgable about the intricacies of the facility?

If John Mason could escape from a very high-security facility such as Alcatraz, then he could certainly go back inside.


John Mason, a non-American national, was incarcerated by the FBI for 30 years. What is his nationality?

John Mason is actually from the British Army intelligence unit, who got captured on American soil. This is why he speaks with a British accent.


What crime did John Mason commit, which prompted the FBI to capture and imprison him?

Former British intelligence, John Mason, stole a microfilm containing top secret government data which could damage the American government.


John Mason had to go with the Alcatraz infiltrating team because, as he said, his firsthand knowledge or the map of his Alcatraz escape route is stored in a "special place.” Where is this map stored?

John Mason’s map of Alcatraz is stored inside his head. He needs to be there physically, not just virtually, to use it again.


Before going with the FBI’s Alcatraz infiltrating team, ex-con John Mason escaped them first to visit this relative. Who is this relative?

John Mason's grown up daughter is living somewhere in San Francisco, so he paid her a surprise visit.


John Mason’s stolen US government secrets were huge, since they contained the secret about who really ordered the assassination of this US President. Which president was this?

President John F. Kennedy data, especially about his assassination plot, was among the top secret government data that John Mason stole. He still has the microfilm of it somewhere, still hidden, in a top secret place only he knows.


Agent Goodspeed was hesitant to go with the Alcatraz infiltrating team because, as a lab rat, he lacks this kind of training.

Agent Goodspeed spends his work days inside a lab. So naturally, he lacks combat training experience on the field.


What did the FBI offer John Mason as an exchange for helping them get inside Alcatraz?

It’s tempting for a 30-year jailbird to be offered a full pardon. John Mason said yes, also because he’s a federal prisoner and he has no choice!


Aside from being pregnant with his child, Agent Goodspeed’s girlfriend is also pressuring him to do this.

Agent Goodspeed’s girlfriend proposed to him. With a baby on the way and being Catholic, Carla needs to tie the knot.


John Mason’s tip to infiltrate Alcatraz is going through this room. Which room was this?

John Mason led the team of Navy Seals and FBI Agent Goodspeed through the Alcatraz tunnels. That path led to the shower room, where one can easily enter the facility -- or exit from it.


Agent Goodspeed is also hesitant to go to Alcatraz Island because he lacked one survival skill needed on water. What skill is this?

Agent Goodspeed says he is not a good swimmer and is therefore hesitant to go near bodies of water. Good luck with that on this island mission!


What happened to the Navy Seals infiltrating team when they reached the Alcatraz shower room?

Only Agent Goodspeed and John Mason were left alive since they were left behind when the Navy Seals went to the shower room. The Seals had a shootout with Gen. Hummel’s men there, because they were detected by motion sensors.


Agent Goodspeed decided to go on with the mission with only John Mason to help. In which room did they find the majority of the rockets inside Alcatraz?

The marines made the morgue their rocket storage place. John Mason killed the ones guarding the room while Agent Goodspeed defused the rockets.


To defuse the rockets, Agent Goodspeed opens them up and removes a certain electronic part so they won’t function properly. What is this part?

Agent Goodspeed stole all the guidance chips in all the rockets he could find. Without this, the rockets won’t reach their target destination and will explode.


Agent Goodspeed only removed the guidance chips, so Gen. Hummel hunted him down to retrieve them. What did John Mason do to the chips?

Mason destroyed the chips so their enemy won’t be able to use it. Goodspeed did the same later.


The US government had a backup plan to enact in case the Navy Seals-FBI infiltrating team failed their mission. What was this military operative backup plan?

The US Air Force will enact an airstrike on the island to have the chemical weapon-laden rockets explode there instead, leaving the rest of San Francisco safe. This is the backup plan if Agent Goodspeed’s team fails.


To signal the officials that the Alcatraz mission is complete, Agent Goodspeed needed to light up flares of a certain color. What color was this?

Agent Goodspeed remembered that he needed to signal the officials on the coast that their mission was a success. So he lit up two green flares.


When Agent Goodspeed was rescued, he told his boss that John Mason was killed during the mission, and was vaporized. But what really happened to him?

Goodspeed let Mason escape by telling him to get the wetsuits the team left and swim away to freedom. It’s a fair exchange for having the old British intel ex-con save his life during this mission.


Before they parted, Mason gave Goodspeed a tip on where he could retrieve the hidden microfilm of top secrets he stole from the US government. In which state did he lead the FBI agent?

Mason hid the stolen microfilm in Fort Walton, Kansas. It’s inside a pew at a certain church.


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