Tell Us About Your Truck Accessories and We’ll Guess Which Gun You Own

By: Zoe Samuel
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Your truck is your home away from home. You've probably slept in it at least once. It has doubled as an office. It has carried cargo ranging from family members to heaps of drywall. Whoever made your truck put a lot of thought into how you'd use it, designing dozens of little cubby holes, tie downs and helpful touches to make it easier to get into and out of your truck, unload your truck and maneuver your truck. Of course, automakers can't think of everything, and that's why there's a huge market for aftermarket modifications. These accessories allow you to change your truck's mechanical aspects, performance, style, creature comforts and personality.

Similarly, a gun is a companion you know inside and out. Every responsible gun owner is familiar with each part of their guns, every nuance of their care, the best way to safely store the weapons, the laws around traveling with them, and what their purpose was when they were first designed. Many people name their guns, buy accessories for their guns and consider their favorite guns when buying new ones, like filling out the cast of a movie. Can we guess which weapon you own by triangulating your truck tastes with our gun preference algorithm? Take this quiz and find out!

Belly up to the bar. What kind of light bar would you want for your truck?

That truck bed it looking pretty exposed! What kind of cover would you get for it?

Illuminate us. What kind of replacement headlights would you want for your truck?

Let's take a breath. With what kind of cold air intake would you mod your engine?

Let's hitch your ride! With what kind of hitch would you like to accessorize your truck?

Time to get really technical. What type of suspension system would you use to mod your truck?

Getting to the spine of the truck: What kind of aftermarket diff would you buy to give your truck better handling?

Let's pin this one down: Which trailer hitch accessory is a must for your truck, given what you plan to use it for?

Let's look up front. With what kind of headlight cover would grace your truck?

Let's talk goals. What would the goal of your truck's new suspension be?

Cut through the fog for us. What kind of fog lights would you accessorize your truck with?

What type of bumper sticker would drivers behind you be stuck reading?

It's tool time! What kind of tool box would you use to make your pickup all about business?

Let's get down! What brand of suspension system would you buy for your truck?

To haul really big stuff, what kind of bed extender would adorn your truck?

Let's get in line. What kind of bed liner would you use to protect your investment?

Time to pick an important product. How would you want to protect your tailgate?

Don't retire your truck for its lack of being re-tired! With what would you tire out your truck?

Protect the inside too! What material would you want for your truck's seat covers?

What manufacturer would you turn to for your seat covers?

On what kind of floor mat would you want your feet to rest while driving?

If you had to replace your truck's catalytic converter, which would you choose?

Your truck has a bunch of extra floodlights and other kit now! What kind of switches would you want for all that gear?

Assuming you've decided your truck needs a bra, what make of bra would you want for it?

Breaker! Breaker! What kind of CB radio would you get for your truck?

In an age of lots of distracting stuff on your dash and center console, what would you have hanging from your rearview mirror?

Which replacement rearview mirror would have you checking out what's behind you more often?

Time to see what's not under the hood. What feature do you look for in a replacement hood?

Look out, out back! What brand of aftermarket exhaust system will you use to spec up your truck?

Let's get up in your grill and replace your grille. Which replacement grille puts your truck's best face forward?

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