Tell Us About Your Truck Accessories We’ll Guess What Beer You Drink

By: Ryan Choate
Image: Altrendo Images / DigitalVision / Getty Images

About This Quiz

If you listen to any country music song about trucks, they're probably also talking about beer. Guys like trucks and they like to talk about their trucks. Ask any truck guy what kind of modifications they made to their truck and you may get a veritable pickup magnum opus on the art of trucks. Guys lift trucks, put on monster tires, and drive blindly through mud pits. If you are a truck owner or know one, you have probably had long conversations, over beer, about off-roading and torque. Beer and trucks are like apple pie and ice cream. While you can have one without the other, they sure do go good together.

Truck guys like certain truck brands and the same can be said about their beer. Ask any truck guy about what kind of beer they drink, and you will probably hear something about domestics, micros and imports - not unlike truck parts themselves. From cheap domestics like Pabst Blue Ribbon and Hamm's hoppy domestics like the Sierra Nevada and Samuel Adams, a taste in beer is as individual as a pair of mud flaps. Grab the cooler, put down the tailgate and tell us about your truck accessories and we'll guess what beer you drink!

What would we find in the glove box in your truck?

What kind of tires are on your truck?

Is your paint job stock?

Does your truck contain a tool box?

Have you installed additional lights to your truck?

What kind of seat covers are in your truck?

Have you modified the brakes?

What kind of bed liner do you have for your truck?

What is the most techie accessory on your truck?

What is the toughest thing you have added to your truck?

What is the most espensive accessory on your truck?

What accessory do your friends think is ridiculous?

Which accessory can you not live without on your truck?

What have you done to the exhaust?

Which best describes your truck antenna?

What truck accessory is mostly just for looks?

What accessory do you use to get your truck unstuck?

Have you upgraded the engine?

What was the first modification you made to your truck?

How would you describe the shocks on your truck?

How many chrome parts have you added to your rig?

What is the most practical off-road modification you have done?

What is usually attached to your hitch?

You added a roof rack, what are you going to keep up there?

Have you added step bars to your truck?

How much of an impact could your grill guard withstand?

What have you added to your rear bumper?

How would you describe your floor mats?

Does you truck have a canopy on the back?

What modifications have you made to make your truck work friendly?

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