Tell Us About Your Taste in '80s Music and We'll Tell You Which Sports Car You Are

By Teresa M. on March 09, 2018

About This Quiz

When you're on the highway, do you drive like you're wanted "Dead or Alive?" Share your tastes in '80s music with us, and we'll tell you which sports car you are. If you love cars and you love the '80s as much as we do, you're going to love this quiz! Designed with big hair, neon colors, remarkably high-waisted jeans - and of course, some radical break-dancing moves - we'll find out which sports car you are down on Electric Avenue.

The '80s music you choose says more about you than you realize. Think about the '80s songs you love most. Are they fast or slow? Do they contain pounding dance beats or are they heartfelt power ballads? Just how much synth did they contain? Whether you spent the '80s rocking your air guitar to Poison or you sang every note along with Whitney Houston, this quiz will turn you into the sports car that embodies your deepest, darkest automotive instincts.

Take a trip down the '80s highway of life with us, and pump up the jam along the way. By the time we're done, your tastes in '80s music will give you away! We'll know exactly which sports car are!

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