Tell Us About Your Taste in '80s Music and We'll Tell You Which Motorcycle You Are

By Jody Mabry on March 09, 2018

About This Quiz

Let's pretend you are a motorcycle. Do you know which one you would be off the top of your head, or are the possibility too endless for you? No matter what kind of motorcycle you think you might be, your tastes in '80s music will either confirm that suspicion or give you an alternative to consider. You might not be the two-wheeled wonder bike you think you are. 

If you were an '80s singer, would you be more Madonna or Robert Smith? Your '80s musical likes and dislikes will run the race track with us, and tell us how tough you are. They will also tell us whether you are more of a long haul cruiser or an in-city speedster. Share the '80s songs and '80s groups that make you want to dance, cry, and go on a shopping spree, and we'll match you up with the bike your soul is most in tune with. Will it be the bike you think you are, or will it be something else?

The only way to find out what motorcycle you are on the road of life is to get quizzing! Turn up a Tears for Fears album and shout out your answers. You, as a pair of wheels, are a couple of questions away!

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