Tell Us About Your Sweet Tooth and We'll Reveal What Your Next Boyfriend Will Be Like!

By Kennita Leon on March 11, 2018

About This Quiz

WE LOVE YOU LIKE EVERY KID LOVES CAKE! While some people claim that they're not a fan of sweets, most of us have a big sweet tooth! With an entire world of desserts, tell us about your sweet tooth, and we'll reveal what your next boyfriend will be like!

When we were younger, most of us were forcing our dinners down our throats just to get to the best part, dessert! There's an entire array to choose from so why choose just one?

Just how often are you satisfying your sweet tooth? Once a week? Once a day?! When you're picking out a sweet treat, what are you looking for? Frosting? Whipped Cream? When it comes to dessert, the world is literally your oyster! 

With a trip to Italy, you'd find yourself in the land of tiramisu, cannolis, zeppole, and gelato. Do you prefer the Austrian apple strudel or the Turkish baklava? Your sweet tooth might have you craving Spanish flan. You might also be ready to pack your bag for France to enjoy their crepes, eclairs, creme brulee, macarons, madeleines and chocolate mousse! 

Which of these desserts sounds like it'll satisfy your sweet tooth and what does that say for your next boyfriend? Will he be the perfect sugar rush of a sweetheart or will he be a bit more of a bad boy? Let's find out!

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