Tell Us About Your Significant Other and We'll Guess When He'll Go Bald!

By: Kennita Leon
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About This Quiz

If you've been placing your bets on when your man is going to go bald, this is the quiz for you! The things you tell us about him will go a long way in helping us predict the age he will lose all his hair. What you do with this information is up to you! We just want to make sure you know what to expect. 

The questions in this quiz are designed to let us really get to know your man. We want to hear all about his role as significant other, his quirks, and the things you love most about him. Once we feel good about knowing him inside and out, we'll be able to guess when he'll rock the dome. The really cool thing is getting to know him through your eyes. This way, we'll get a good view of him without his ego or self-perception getting in the way. 

Tell us about the things he does that drives you nuts and about the things he does better than anyone else. Your honest responses will help us make an accurate projection about when he'll lose his hair. Don't worry, you don't have to tell him, or you could share his results on social media! Either way, the information is yours.

How did you guys meet?

How long have you been together?

Do you guys live together?

Is he a morning or night person?

If he was a car, which brand would he be?

What's his star sign?

Which element is he most like?

How affectionate is he?

Is he a good lover?

What is he built like?

Does he have any tattoos or piercings?

Does he usually make smart life decisions?

Is he good at managing his money?

What does he do for a living?

Is he able to keep a steady job?

Is he a people person?

Is he very close to his family?

Is he good at keeping secrets?

What's the most important thing in your guy's life?

What do you guys like to do for fun?

When the two of you are at home, what do you guys do?

Nine times out of 10, what is your guy watching on TV?

Which movie couple would you say you're most like?

If you guys were to adopt a pet, which would it be?

Does he have an anger problem?

Do you guys argue often?

When you do fight, what is it about?

Have either of you ever been unfaithful to each other?

If there was one thing you could change about your guy, what would it be?

Is he marriage material?

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