Tell Us About Your Significant Other and We'll Guess Their Pet Name for You

By: Teresa M.
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About This Quiz

Some people love gushing about their boos, and for good reason. Today, we're going to give you the opportunity to do just that. We want you to tell us all about your guy or gal; tell us how you guys met, why and when you fell in love, how long you've been together, what's special about them, how they make you feel and where you see your relationship going in the future. In return, we'll analyze your responses and make a calculated guess as to what pet name they've given you. Are you ready? 

Does your partner call you something cute like schnookums? Other people may laugh, but it makes you feel loved. Or do they call you something more current like bae? Just about everyone is saying it now because it's the "in" thing. Or are you more of a "honey?" You know, because you're sweet. Or are you a sweet pickle? It's equal parts strange, funny and adorable. Is that you? 

So, if you want to test our guessing skills while telling us about your boo thang (you know, because they're amazing and make you very, very happy), this is the quiz for you. Let's see if we get this one right!

How would you describe your significant other's job?

What does your partner do that drives your crazy?

What would your significant other be found doing on a day off?

How would you describe your partner's laugh?

Which superpower would you like your significant other to have?

What area of your relationship would you like to improve?

What is the first thing your significant other does in the morning?

Is your sweetheart hard to sleep with?

What would your love interest say is your best quality?

What kind of socks does your partner wear?

Who wears the pants in your relationship?

Which Disney character is your significant other most like?

Is your significant other the romantic type?

What would your significant other do to cheer you up?

What is your sweetheart's most dominant personality trait?

Which television couple are the two of you most like?

What would your significant other be found doing at a party?

How does your significant other feel about going shopping with you?

Does your significant other prefer coffee or tea?

Which pet name would you dislike being called?

Which member of the Chinese Zodiac is your partner most like in the bedroom?

Where is your significant other most likely to take you out for dinner?

What would you like to improve about your significant other?

What gift would your partner most like to receive?

What kind of music does your partner like most?

Do you think your significant other is reliable?

What would your significant other dislike helping you do the most?

Does your significant other get road rage?

What do you think your significant other does when you aren't home?

How many books has your partner read in the past year?

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