Tell Us About Your Outdoor Hobbies and We'll Tell You What Kind of Truck You Should Drive

By: Steven Miller
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About This Quiz

It's time to leave it all behind and recharge your batteries out in nature. Tell us the activities that you are passionate about and we'll match you up with the ideal ride.

Are you into rock climbing?

Do you own a camping trailer?

How big into hiking are you?

How likely are you to be the one to haul all the gear for your friends?

How appealing is going on off-road adventures for you?

How likely are you to do some tailgating with your truck?

Are you a hunter?

Do you like to go canoeing?

Do you own a kayak?

Have you ever been on a whitewater rafting trip?

Are you more likely to camp in a tent or an RV?

Do you enjoy snow skiing?

Do you own a snowmobile?

How often do you go horseback riding?

Do you own a horse?

When was the last time you went mountain biking?

Are you more likely to watch or participate in an outdoor sporting event?

How into surfing are you?

Do you own a boat?

How into fishing are you?

Do you own an ATV?

When was the last time you played golf?

Have you ever played disc golf?

Do you enjoy racing cars?

Which outdoor sport do you like the most?

Have you ever taken part in a bicycle race?

Do you enjoy gardening?

Have you ever gone parasailing?

How many road trips have you gone on in the past year?

Which feature is most important in a truck for your outdoor adventures?

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