Tell Us About Your Online Dating Profile and We'll Tell You How Long You'll Be Single!

By Zoe Samuel on March 12, 2018

About This Quiz

Most of us have been there- you know, looking for love online. What we're focusing on is not if you found love or not; in fact, we'll tell you when you'll find love based on the way your profile looks. So, whether it's Match, Tinder, eHarmony or Christian Mingle, we want the lowdown on what you've said about yourself to snag a great catch! 

Did you tell the truth about your height, level of education and your smoking or drinking habits? Did you tell them you like long walks on the beach and reading Harry Potter novels? We care about what you said and we want to know how you said it! We want to know if you've lied, if you've catfished someone, if you bared your soul for the world to see and if you were as sweet as pie. We want to know if you're using your own pictures, a friend's or a sibling's. And don't worry, because we won't judge you. 

Based on what you've said on your profile, we'll then be able to analyze your answers and let you know just how long you'll be single for. So, be honest- we wouldn't want to get your hopes up for nothing! Now, let's get started! 

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