Tell Us About Your Music Preferences and We'll Guess What High School Stereotype You Were!

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What is about high school stereotypes? All of us might try and say we weren't one of them, but basically, we all were, even if we didn't know it. There was the sweet girl, the mean girl, the jock, the bro, the outcast, the nerd, the stoner, the troublemaker, the cheerleader, the list goes on and on. 

There were a whole lot of ways to tell all these different stereotypes apart, but one way that was one of the best was what kind of music they all listened to. We mean, come on, the stoner and the cheerleader probably didn't have the same playlist, if you know what we mean.

Music is one of those things that all of use to identify ourselves and also to figure out what other people are like. Ler's face it; if you're the kind of person that is the head cheerleader, or the quarterback on the football team, you probably aren't going to listen to death metal. And if you're the kind of guy that gets in all sorts of trouble and spends a lot of time in detention, it is pretty unlikely you listen to Taylor Swift. 

Tell us about the type of music you're into, and we will tell you who you were in high school.

How into Selena Gomez are you?

Have you ever seen 311?

Would you dance to Miley Cyrus, "Party in the U.S.A.?"

What is your favorite Beastie Boys song?

How much do you like Demi Lovato?

Do you like G. Love and Special Sauce?

How into Beyonce are you?

Are you a good dancer?

Do you think Jack Johnson is cool?

Would you like to go to a Limp Bizkit concert?

What do you think of Pearl Jam?

Are you into Sublime?

What do you think of Fergie?

Are you into the Red Hot Chili Peppers?

Have you ever learned a choreographed dance?

Are you down with the Eagles of Death Metal?

Are you a fan of They Might Be Giants?

Did you listen to a lot of Soundgarden?

Who was cooler, Ween or Dinosaur Jr?

Have you have any Flaming Lips?

What about Devo?

Who is your favorite rapper?

Have you ever seen The Melvins live?

What were you doing at the school dance?

Have you ever been in a band?

Who would you be in the band?

What is your favorite Ben Folds song?

How would you describe Weezer?

Are you into Black Sabbath?

Are you a fan of Queens of the Stone Age?

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