Tell Us About Your Monday and We'll Give You A Good Way To Spoil Yourself This Weekend

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EVERYBODY'S WORKING FOR THE WEEKEND! Every work week, we all look forward to the coming of Friday. We praise Wednesday because we've made it to the hump. Every Sunday night, we dread Mondays because who needs them? Mondays are often the most stressful day of the week so we want you to tell us about your Monday and we'll tell you how you should spoil yourself this weekend!

Every Monday, the stress of the work week begins. Millions of people are driving to work while others are commuting through public transportation. Did you get stuck in traffic? Were the buses or trains so crowded that you had to stand the entire way there?

Sometimes when you get to work, the experiences don't get better. You might be dealing with an overbearing boss or incompetent co-workers. Did your boss give you more assignments on top of the ones you already have? Are your co-workers constantly trying to push off their work on you?

Often when people find themselves in a job, it's not even the career they want. Are you working at a job that is below your education level? Are you grossly underpaid? All these factors might add up to why you hate Mondays! This is why you should definitely spend the weekend spoiling yourself. Do you need a quick trip or do you need to unwind with your best friends? There's only one way to find out!

Tell us about your Monday, and we'll tell you how to spoil yourself this weekend.

Did you lay eyes on another human being all day?

What was your commute like?

How similar to previous Mondays was it?

Was the work interesting?

Was it well-paid?

Was anyone mean to you?

Do you like your coworkers?

Is your job intellectually beneath you?

Do you get to see your friends at work?

Were you on your feet all day?

Does your job involve travel?

What is the view from your workplace?

Is your job meaningful in the big scheme of things?

Is there any prospect of promotion?

Do you learn anything from your job that you didn't already know?

What percentage of your day is spent simply earning the cost of the commute?

What's for dinner?

Did you have any exercise built into your day, like a nice long walk?

Did you do any additional exercises?

Was there time for errands?

Did your house end the day neater than it began it?

Did anyone prank you?

How recently did you get paid?

Did you get any unexpected bills?

Did you have to deal with a roommate or kid who annoyed you?

Did you go out in the evening?

Did you do anything you regret?

Did you do anything that made you proud of yourself?

Did you call your rep?

Did you have any time in the day that was just for you?

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