Tell Us About Your Least Favorite Foods and We'll Guess Your Age

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Does the thought of pineapple on pizza make you get the dry heaves? Your tastes in food can tell us a lot more about you than you think. It's possible to decipher the region you grew up it, how much you eat out, and how much you spend on groceries just from looking at the things you eat. However, we want to use your food choices to take an educated guess at your age.

Whether or not you are still sneaking food to the dog under the table at family dinner, can put you in nearly any age group. As we grow older, our tastes tend to change a little. You might have found baked beans absolutely disgusting when you were a kid, but you might suddenly find yourself craving them as an adult. Throughout this quiz, we will take a look at the things you would rather hide in your napkin than put into your mouth.

While some of you might have a palate more advanced than your actual age, we're sure we can guess your age fairly accurately. Tell us where you draw the line when it comes to food, and we'll take a stab at how old you are!

Which root vegetable do you find most disgusting?

What would you never order on pizza?

Which lunchmeat do you like most?

What would you never dip your fries in?

Do you like sauerkraut?

What pickled item would you try?

Would you say you are an adventurous eater?

Do you try to eat healthy?

Which ethnic cuisine do you like most?

Which British food sounds the tastiest?

Which raw food sounds the best?

Which animal would you never eat?

What would you never mix with vodka?

How do you like your steak?

Which fast food restaurant has the best food?

Which topping would you pick off of a burger?

How much garlic do you like in your food?

How do you feel about potlucks?

What section of an all you can eat buffet would you start first?

Do you prefer lobster or caviar?

How do you feel about mushrooms?

Would you rather drink pickle juice or week-old milk?

What flavor potato chips would you never buy?

What vegetable did you try to slide to the dog when you were a kid?

How would you feel about being dared to eat a jar of baby food?

How do you feel about peas?

Do you like veggie burgers?

What kind of bread do you like the least?

Do you prefer Coke or Pepsi?

What kind of berry do you like most?

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