Tell Us About Your Last Breakup and We'll Tell You How Long You'll Be Single

By: Steven Miller
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Tell us how deeply in love you were, how rocky the ending was, and how you are dealing with the loss, and we'll give you a sense of how long you can expect to lead the single life.

How long were the two of you together?

Are you still friends?

Do you still talk to each other?

Did you think they might be "the one?"

Who was the one who decided to break up?

Were you talking about marriage with them?

How emotional were you after the break up?

How often did the two of you fight?

What was the main reason for your breakup?

Did anyone cheat in your relationship?

How much jealousy was in your relationship?

How big is your social circle outside of your last relationship?

How would you describe the level of intimacy of your last relationship?

What was the biggest complaint your partner had about you?

Was there more laughter or tears in the relationship?

How do you feel about your ex-partner now?

Have you gone on any dates with other people since you broke up?

Do you still wish the relationship would find a way to work out?

How appealing is being on your own right now?

Are you more of an introvert or an extrovert?

How long was it between this past relationship and the one before it?

How often would you say that other people flirt with you?

How active are you on internet dating sites?

Are your friends already trying to set you up with someone else?

Which age description matches you the best?

How appealing does a friends with benefits situation sound to you right now?

Were you in couple's counseling for your last relationship?

Did you seek individual counseling during or after the relationship?

Which phrase best describes the relationship that just ended?

How long have you known that this most recent relationship wasn't going to work?

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