Tell Us About Your Ideal Adventure and We'll Give You a Motorcycle You Should Take Off On

By: Mark Lichtenstein
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About This Quiz

Have you been feeling envious of those who can take off on a motorcycle and ride like Norman Reedus? Now, you can do the very same without having to leave the comfort of your sofa! Telling us about your dream adventure will help us help you figure out which motorcycle you should rev up and roar off on! 

Your idea of the perfect adventure could be as thrilling as being dropped off to survive in the Amazon, or it could be as simple as a road trip to a month long stay in a beach house. No matter what kind of adventure you consider to be ideal, adding your very own motorcycle to the mix will up the adventure factor by ten! Put on your favorite biker jacket and tell us where you would like to go, who will go with you, and what you're going to do while you're there. Once we feel like we could be the world's most intimate travel agent, we'll pair you up with the motorcycle of your dreams. 

Imagine the freedom you'll feel cruising through your dream adventure with pure power between your legs! We're ready to go as soon as you are. Let's get adventurous!

How early would you get up to leave on your adventure?

How much do you want to pack for your adventure?

Where would you like to go on your adventure?

Would you take anyone along?

What time of year would you like to go?

What kind of food will you expect to eat?

Is the motorcycle the point of the adventure, or just a part of it?

What's the most important, non bike related thing you plan on doing?

What kind of phone will you bring along?

What continent would you most like to visit?

Will you try to speak the local language?

How big a role must excitement play in your overall adventure?

How exciting do you need your motorcycle?

How will you dress for your adventure?

Will you travel by motorcycle or just have one with you?

If you went to France, what souvenir would you buy?

If you went to Japan, what souvenir would you buy?

If you went to Russia, what souvenir would you buy?

If you went to Australia, what souvenir would you buy?

How long do you want to be away?

How do you think you'd fare in a place with less than ideal law enforcement?

Do you mind going someplace like France where there are draconian speed laws?

Would you like to go someplace like the Isle of Man, where there are no speed limits, but little else to do?

How much are you willing to spend on this trip?

How would you plan the logistics for your bike?

How familiar are you with roads other than those in the USA?

Would you go on shoulder season, or during a holiday season?

Would you livestream your adventure?

Do you plan on going to anything formal while on your trip?

Would you try to make a habit of this adventure lark, or is it a one-off?

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