Tell Us About Your Holiday Plans and We'll Tell You When You Should Hit the Stores!

By: Bri O.

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Whether you're spending the holiday season vacationing abroad or staying in with family, there's an ideal holiday shopping day for you. Play on to find out when you should hit the stores!

How many rolls do you think you'll eat this holiday season?

Who hosts Thanksgiving?

How many people do you plan to give gifts to this holiday season?

Will you be celebrating Kwanzaa?

Does religion play a role in your holiday season?

Where do you plan to be when the new year comes around?

What do you expect to receive on Hannukah?

Will you be doing any traveling?

How much time do you plan to spend with family during the holidays?

What do you plan to contribute to Thanksgiving dinner?

Do you have any traditions you plan to carry on this year?

Do you plan to host any holiday parties/gatherings?

How late do you think you'll stay up on New Year's Eve?

Will you be dressing up for any gatherings or events?

Do you plan to do any holiday cooking or baking?

Will you be vacationing over the holidays?

What type of climate will you be spending the holidays in?

What's your favorite Thanksgiving dish?

What is one thing that you absolutely need for celebrating the holidays?

Is there anyone or anything you plan to avoid this holiday season?

How do you plan to ward off the excess fat from all the delicious foods throughout the holiday season?

What's your favorite part of the holidays?

Do you have any holiday celebrations planned with your friends?

What's your go-to noisemaker for ringing in the new year?

Do you plan to do any stocking stuffing?

Do you plan to do much holiday shopping?

Will you wake up early to open presents Christmas morning?

Will you be doing any Christmas caroling?

Where does your Thanksgiving turkey come from?

How much of Christmas day do you spend with other people?

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