Tell Us About Your Favorite TV Shows and We'll Guess What High School Stereotype You Were

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Your taste in TV shows is sure to tell us a lot about who you are. Once we've narrowed in on your general vibe, it should be fairly easy to match you up with a high school clique.

For example, if you spend the bulk of your time watching live sporting events, it seems clear that you are a good match for the jock high school stereotype. There will be no room left for doubt if you admit that you've watched the same episode of SportsCenter multiple times.

Maybe you're more drawn to fantasy and science-fiction for your TV entertainment. If you feel a deep connection to the characters on "The Big Bang Theory" and you have a definite opinion on which "Star Trek" show was the best, it seems clear that you were in the geek/nerd high school clique.

Perhaps you spend most of your time watching animated shows that have adult-level humor in them. If you have seen pretty much every episode of "Family Guy" and "The Simpsons," we're guessing that 4/20 might be a significant holiday in your life. If "That '70s Show" was one of your all-time favorites, we'll be convinced that you're a stoner.

The bell just rang. Time to get going to class.

How regularly do you watch live sporting events on TV?

Have you ever watched the same SportsCenter more than once?

Which of the following TV shows set in Texas would you rather watch?

Which character in "Saved by the Bell" do you most relate to?

Do you enjoy the show "American Ninja Warrior"?

Which character on "Glee" do you most relate to?

Which of George Costanza's jobs on "Seinfeld" fits you best?

Which of the following popular '80s TV shows would you rather watch?

Which character on "The Big Bang Theory" do you most identify with?

How regularly do you watch shows with a superhero theme to them?

What do you think of "Freaks and Geeks"?

Of the following, which cable network are you most likely to watch?

Which "Star Trek" show is the best?

Have you ever watched the show, "The IT Crowd"?

What device do you usually watch your TV shows on?

What are your thoughts on "That '70s Show"?

Of the following, which is your favorite animated TV show?

Which member of the "Scooby-Doo" gang is most like you?

Have you ever seen the show "Weeds" on Showtime?

Which member of the Bluth family on "Arrested Development" is most like you?

Which Comedy Central show would you rather watch?

Have you ever seen the show "Wilfred" starring Elijah Wood?

How many hours of TV do you generally watch per day?

Of the following, which old-school TV show in black and white are you most likely to enjoy?

Did you watch "Buffy the Vampire Slayer" a lot?

Which "Twin Peaks" character is most like you?

Do you enjoy watching "American Horror Story"?

Which genre of show is your favorite?

How many episodes of "The X Files" have you seen?

What time of the day do you watch most of your TV shows?

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