Tell Us About Your Favorite Movies and We'll Guess What High School Stereotype You Were!

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Whether you went to public or private school, every high school had a clique or certain stereotypes that the kids fell into. All except for those at the top of the so-called "social pyramid" seemed to enjoy those days, and at a time when you were trying to figure out who you wanted to be, you had to deal with mounds of schoolwork as well as the pressure of "fitting in." 

We've seen these groups being portrayed in books, on television shows as well as in movies, and while some are slight exaggerations, the basic concept holds. Some of the most well-known groups include the goths, the jocks, the bookworms or nerds, the gamers, the overachievers, and the popular girls.

Everyone has a list of favorite movies, many of which come from different genres. They make us laugh, cry, and for many of us, provide an escape from our reality, especially those who are having a not-so-great time in school. 

Which high school stereotype did you fall into? Well, in this quiz, tell us what your favorite movies are, and we will try to guess what it is. Will it say that you are a bully or a mean girl, a nerd or a goth, a floater, a class clown, or a jock? If you would like to find out, then you can take this quiz!

What kind of movies do you like to watch?

Which of these action films needs a sequel?

Which of these comedies would you watch when you are in a bad mood?

Which of these romantic comedies would you watch with a partner?

Which of these drama films would you watch with your pet?

What is a science fiction movie that everyone should see?

Which of these thriller movies gives you the creeps?

Which of these horror movies have you seen?

Which of these movie series would you watch on a day off?

Which of these Disney movies do you own on DVD?

Which of these non-Disney animated movies do you love?

Which of these musicals do you sing along to?

Which of these Christmas movies do you watch every holiday season?

Which of these magic themed movies do you wish you were in?

Which of these military movies would you like to see?

Which of the Brad Pitt movies do you think was his best work?

Which of Angelina Jolie’s movies did you enjoy most?

Which of these James Cameron movies have you seen at least once?

Which of the Spider-Man remakes was the best?

Which superhero film is your all-time favorite?

Which of these undercover cop movies would you star in?

Which mafia movie would you watch with a pal?

Which of these prison themed movies do you want to see?

Which of these shark themed movies have you seen?

Which of these movie siblings reminds you of yourself?

Which book series to film adaptation is your favorite?

Which 2018 movie are you most looking forward to?

Which of these movies are you still confused by?

Which movie has the raunchiest scenes?

What is your favorite movie snack?

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