Tell Us About Your Favorite Foods and We'll Guess Where You Live!

By Khadija Leon on March 11, 2018

About This Quiz

GOOD FOOD, GOOD MOOD! While this quiz isn't a snack, it'll definitely put you in a good mood. Around the world, there are so many distinct kinds of cuisine that you can pinpoint trends to certain locations. In this quiz, all you'll need to do is tell us about your favorite foods, and we'll take a guess at where you live!

If you think about your favorite foods, you could probably name the location they're known for coming from or the location where it's extremely popular. Looking inside the United States, those who love cheesesteaks could probably be pinpointed to Philadelphia. If you love firing up the grill for the BBQ, there's a chance you're from down south! For those serving up deep dish pizza, in the United States, you'd probably be from Chicago, but around the world, everyone knows pizza hails from Italy!

If we go beyond the borders of the United States, you'd find a host of other foods and styles. Those who prefer their foods filled with spice and flavor might be from the Caribbean or even south Asian countries like India. If you travel further east, you might be adventurous with your food and prefer eel.

Which of these food preferences sounds like you? Would you rather stuff your face with BBQ ribs or maybe you love spicy foods!

Tell us about your favorite foods and we'll guess where you live!

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