Tell Us Your Favorite Foods as a Kid and We'll Guess What Your Favorite Tv Show Was

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SNAP! CRACKLE! POP! Rice Krispies! When you were a kid, there was probably a long, long list of foods and snacks you loved to eat while watching Saturday morning cartoons. From Rice Krispies to Gushers, tell us your favorite foods as a kid and we'll guess what your favorite TV show was!

If you think about your youth, there were also probably a ton of snacks and candies you enjoyed, when your parents let you and sometimes when they wouldn't! If you were growing up in the '80s, you might've been enjoying the Flintstones Push Up Pops or even Jell-O Pudding Pops? Instead of regular sized Oreos, you probably loved Oreo Big Stuff.

What were your favorite foods as a kid and what does that say about your favorite TV show? If you were a quick snacker and eater, you were probably watching short episodes of Scooby-Doo. Maybe your love of diverse snacks mirrors your love of the diversity in the members of The A-Team. 

So, what exactly were you snacking on? Tell us all about your favorite foods while you were a kid and we'll take a guess at what your favorite TV show was! Get those snacks and remotes ready!

What did you usually eat for breakfast?

What was your morning drink?

Did you have a snack that you kept near your bed at night?

What was your morning pick-me-up?

Did you watch TV before school?

Which would you be most likely to forego if you are running late?

Which snack would you eat instead of school lunch?

What was your favorite school lunch side?

What was your favorite school lunch entree?

What sweet treat did you eat at lunch?

Did you ever sneak food out of the lunchroom?

Which of these did you prefer?

Which Halloween candy did you get giddy over?

Where did your family eat dinner?

What was your favorite after dinner snack?

What was your family's favorite dinner?

Which TV show were you allowed to eat in front of the TV for dinner?

What food would you find in your parachute pants before going to bed?

Which is your favorite gum?

Which sugary treat did you love?

Which was your favorite nostalgic soda?

Which discontinued '90s snack do you want back?

Which '80s cereal should make a comeback?

Which cards would you sort while snacking on chips?

What was your Saturday morning cartoon snack?

Which Saturday Morning Cartoon was your favorite?

Which cold treat do you want right now?

Which of these chewy treats would you eat first?

Which discontinued chips were awesome?

How would you explain your taste buds?

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