Tell Us About Your Favorite Classic Rock Songs and We'll Tell You What Muscle Car You Are

By: Teresa M.
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We have "More Than a Feeling" your favorite classic rock songs will tell us a lot about you! "Don't Stop Believing," and we'll even be able to tell you what sort of muscle car you are!

Which classic rock lead singer do you like most?

What does Journey want you to have undying belief in?

When you think of classic rock songs, what band pops to mind first?

Which Rolling Stones song do you like most?

What instrument would you play in a rock band?

Do you only listen to classic rock?

Are you a huge Beatles fan?

Do you like Air Supply?

Which classic rock song do you find most romantic?

Who do you think is the best classic rock guitarist?

Do you own a record player?

Which band would you not consider classic rock?

Which alternative rock band do you like most?

How do you feel about Johnny Cash?

Do you sing along to the radio in your car?

Which decade do you think made the best music?

What do you think your music industry job would be?

Do you like to dance?

How far would you drive to see your favorite classic rock band's last tour?

Which Steve Miller Band song do you like most?

What does your favorite song make you want to do?

Which classic rock song would you like to have played at your wedding?

Do you like any hair metal bands?

How knowledgable about music are you?

Do you have a favorite punk band?

Would you say you live life in the fast lane?

Do you ever get road rage?

How do you most often listen to music?

When is the last time you went to a concert?

Do you like large music festivals?

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