Tell Us About Your Favorite '80s Songs and We'll Give You a Totally Rad '80s Prom Dress!

By Teresa M. on May 16, 2018

About This Quiz

We know you love the '80s as much as we do! Tell us all about those '80s songs that get you up on your feet or doing the worm, and we'll give you an '80s prom dress totally made for you! Will you sport a corset model that reminds everyone of Madonna, or will you sport a metallic number your mom would love? The songs you share with us will make the '80s prom dress you should rock fairly obvious. 

As you cruise through the '80s prom dress quiz, we just want your extra time. You can save your kiss for your super radical prom date! Whether you prefer George Michael or Boy George will lead us down the path to the '80s prom dress of your dreams! You don't have to go to a vintage boutique to learn the dress you would rock. Simply filling us in on the '80s songs that you crank up and know word-for-word will save you the trip!

Get your earbuds ready because you are going to want to dance by the time we're done! Your answers will tell us everything we need to know about the dress you should call your own. Ready to let us dress you up in our love?

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