Tell Us About Your Facebook Profile and We'll Tell You Which Dog Is Your Perfect Match!

By: Teresa M.
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About This Quiz

When choosing a dog, it's important to choose just the right breed for your personality. Tell us about your Facebook profile, and we'll be able to tell you which breed is best for you!

Which word best describes your profile picture?

Is your Facebook profile on the public setting?

Is your place of work on your profile?

How many people do you have on your blocked list?

What does your education section say?

What do you post about most on Facebook?

What kind of image do you have as a cover photo?

How many friends do you have on Facebook?

Do you use Twitter or Facebook most?

How much do you post about your job?

What does your relationship status say?

Have your friends told you that you overshare?

What kind of thing do you usually repost?

Which app's achievement badge might be found on your profile?

What is the tone of your biography section?

Do you share your Instagram photos to your Facebook?

Have you changed the color of your Facebook profile?

Do you prefer the mobile or the desktop version of Facebook?

Do you use Facebook messenger?

Do you have any hobbies listed in on your profile?

Do you ever get political on Facebook?

How much time do you spend on Facebook every day?

Do you take a lot of quizzes you see on Facebook?

Do you have your hometown listed on your profile?

What does your About Info Section let others know about you?

Do you have a lot of family listed on your profile?

Do you have more than one Facebook account?

If you worked for Facebook, what would be your job?

Which emoji do you use most in your posts?

Which word do you think sums up your Facebook profile?

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