Tell Us About Your Ex and We'll Reveal What Percent Petty You Are

By Brian Whitney on March 12, 2018

About This Quiz

Being petty is when you hang on to things that happen in your life that are trivial and don't matter a whole lot, but you still make a big deal of them, usually in a pretty negative way. We all know people that are petty, and they are usually total pains to be around but when we act petty, it can be pretty darn enjoyable. 

I mean, come on, what can be more fun than taking something small and blowing it out of proportion? There are a lot of really good tests to see how petty you might be, but none better than answering a few questions about your ex.

You know that type of person who is still friends with their ex, speaks highly of them, maybe even blames themselves for what went wrong in their relationship? How irritating is that person? What is way more fun is to be petty, to take every little thing your ex ever did and turn it into the biggest, most hurtful thing that ever existed in the entire world.

Are you ready to see where you stand on the petty scale? Well, take this quiz and answer a few questions about your ex, and we can tell you. 

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